61st National Film Awards For 2013

The 61st National Film Awards for the year 2013 were recently announced. Kudos to the winners. Here’s a complete list:

S.No.Name of AwardName of FilmAwardeeMedal Citation
& Cash Prize
1BEST FEATURE FILM  Ship of Theseus(English-Hindi)Producer:Recyclewala Films Pvt Ltd Swarna Kamal andA quietly powerful film of an unusual photographer, an erudite Jain monk and a young stock broker told through different segments which finally unites them through a strange circumstance. In the process the film depicts issues of intuitive brilliance, metaphysical belief and intricate morality in a world full of contradictions.
Director : Anand Gandhi
Rs 2,50,000/- each to the Producer and Director
2INDIRA GANDHI AWARD FOR BEST DEBUT FILM OF A DIRECTORFandry (Marathi)Producer: Navalkha Arts and Holy Basil Combine Swarna Kamal andA stark and realistic portrayal of Dalits in India seen through the eyes of a young boy who is desperately trying to break age old shackles. It makes a strong statement that despite various reformers doing their best…. much remains to be done.
3BEST POPULAR FILM PROVIDING WHOLESOME ENTERTAINMENTBhaag Milkha Bhaag(Hindi)Producer: Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, ROMP Pictures Swarna Kamal andFor retaining the story and values of a great sportsman and translating it into the cinematic medium with aplomb.
Director : Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra
Rs 2,00,000/- to
the Producer and Director
4NARGIS DUTT AWARD FOR BEST FEATURE FILM ON NATIONAL INTEGRATIONThalaimuraigal(Tamil)Producer:Company Productions Rajat Kamal andA sensitive tale about the breaking of walls of orthodoxy and religious and linguistic bias in a small village in Tamil Nadu. Love and compassion of a small boy and his mother wins over not only their own blood but the whole rural community.
Director : Balu Mahendra
Rs 1,50,000/- each to the Producer and Director
5BEST FILM ON SOCIAL ISSUESTuhya Dharma Koncha(Marathi)Producer: Indian Magic Eye Motion Pictures Pvt Ltd. Rajat Kamal andTale of a poor tribal family being torn between prosecution by law enforcing agencies on one hand and issue of loss of their traditional faith and culture through religious conversions on the other.
Director : Satish Manwar
Rs 1,50,000/- each to the Producer and Director
6BEST FILM ON ENVIRONMENT CONSERVATION/ Perariyathavar(Malayalam)Producer:Ambalakkara Global Films Rajat Kamal andIt tells the story of those nameless, faceless marginalized people through the life of a widowed father who works as a scavenger and his eight year old son. It depicts the real lives of the poor who live in the margin of civilized society with an unusual power and artistic honesty.
PRESERVATIONDirector : Dr Biju
Rs 1,50,000/- each to
the Producer and Director
7BEST CHILDREN’S FILMKaphal (Hindi)Producer:Children’s Film Society of India Swarna Kamal andA small village deep in Uttarakhand. A touching story set in beautiful mountains where two young boys pine for their father who has been away for quite a few years. They have dreams which they share with their close friends as they frolic around.
Director : Batul Mukhtiar
Rs 1,50,000/- each to
the Producer and Director
8BEST DIRECTIONShahid (Hindi)Hansal MehtaSwarna Kamal andA remarkably handled film that traces the true story of a slain human right activist and a lawyer Shahid Azmi in the backdrop of communal violence unleashed in Mumbai. The story of an impoverished Muslim struggling to come to terms with injustice, inequality and rise above his circumstances. It is an inspiring testament to the human spirit.
Rs 2,50,000/-
9BEST ACTORShahid (Hindi) Raj Kumar Rajat  Kamal andFor portrayal of the intriguing journey of a Muslim young man who is persecuted. He rebels and ultimately comes back to fight the injustice as a committed law abiding lawyer. Raj Kumar brings to life the soul of Shahid.
&Suraj VenjaramooduRs 50,000/-For the dignified and quiet portrayal of a man on the lower margins of the society. His turmoil struggles and sufferings are soulfully brought out with subtle body language and eyes which transcend word
Perariyathavar(Malayalam)(Cash component to be shared)
10BEST ACTRESSLiar’s Dice(Hindi)Geetanjali ThapaRajat  Kamal andIf ever an actress could merge completely into a role and look the character to perfection, it is Geetanjali Thapa. Her searching eyes and vulnerability are breath taking.
Rs  50,000/-
11BEST SUPPORTING ACTORJolly LLB(Hindi)Saurabh ShuklaRajat  Kamal andFor a heart-warming and exuberant performance as a judge, who discovers his authority and conscience in the process of conducting a  high profile case.
Rs  50,000/-
12BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESSAstu (Marathi) Amruta Subhash Rajat  Kamal andAmruta touchingly portrays the emotions of  a poor woman who brings to life compassion and warmth in dealing with human relationships..
&Rs 50,000/-For a sensitive portrayal of a blind photographer who entirely depends on her intuitive creative power and has a fiercely independent mind.
(cash component will be shared)
Ship of Theseus(English-Hindi)Aida  El-Kashef
13BEST CHILD ARTISTFandry (Marathi) Somnath Avghade Rajat  Kamal andSomnath Avghade plays the role of a Dalit teenager to perfection. His angst clearly boils over as the realities of life dawn upon him.
SadhanaRs 50,000/-Sadhana has played the part of a dyslexic child with sensitivity and exuberance and yet with ease.
(cash component will be shared)
Thanga Meengal(Tamil)
14BEST MALE PLAYBACK SINGERJaatishwar(Bengali)Rupankar Rajat  Kamal andA soulful voice with a rich resonance that enhances the theme of the film.
For the song E Tumi Kemon Tumi
Rs  50,000/-
15BEST FEMALE PLAYBACK SINGERTuhya Dharma Koncha(Marathi)Bela Shende Rajat  Kamal andThe singer has evoked the requisite emotions of the theme of the film. She has displayed a rare variety in the rendering of this composition.
For the song Khura KhuraRs  50,000/-
16BEST CINEMATOGRAPHYLiar’s Dice(Hindi)Rajeev RaviRajat  Kamal andRajeev Ravi captures life from the picturesque snow-laden mountains through a strenuous bus journey, to the crowded and dingy streets of Delhi with a rare fluidity.
Rs 50,000/-
17BEST SCREENPLAY December I(Kannada) P. Sheshadri Rajat  Kamal andFor its kaleidoscopic variety that uses realism and colloquialism that is soaked in a contemporary flavour.
i)  Screenplay Writer      (Original) :PanchakshariRs 50,000/-
i)ii)  Screenplay Writer (Adapted) :Sumitra Bhave
iii)  Dialogues :For retaining the concerns and values of an original work by a celebrated author while adapting it into the cinematic idiom.
ii)Rajat  Kamal and
Rs 50,000/-An extraordinary blend in language and conversations that cover philosophy day-to-day anxieties and emotions in a most compelling manner.
Astu (Marathi)
iii)Rajat  Kamal and
Rs 50,000/-
i)    Location Sound RecordistMadras Café(Hindi)Nihar Ranjan Samal
i)ii)   Sound DesignBishwadeep ChatterjeeRajat  Kamal  andSuperlative professional job, in picking up minute nuances, covering indoor as well as outdoor locations.
iii)   Re-recordist of the final mixed trackD Yuvaraj
Rs 50,000/-
Madras Café(Hindi)With his competent sound design Bishwadeep adds authenticity and another dimension to the film.
ii)Rajat  Kamal andA commendable job of keeping a perfect balance between, dialogues, sound effects and resonant ‘chenda’ playing.
Rs 50,000/-
iii)Rajat  Kamal  and
Rs 50,000/-
19BEST EDITINGVallinam (Tamil)V.J. Sabu JosephRajat  Kamal andAn excellent pace set in this sport based film by the editor. The match sequences have been masterly cut.
Rs  50,000/-
20BEST PRODUCTION DESIGNMiss Lovely(Hindi)Ashim Ahluwalia, Tabsheer Zutshi, Parichit ParalkarRajat  Kamal andFor a style and finesse realized by authentic recreating an era in a not too distant past and dressing up the location that is coherent with the visual style of the narrative.
Rs 50,000/-
21BEST COSTUME DESIGNER Jaatishwar(Bengali)Sabarni DasRajat  Kamal andFor realizing effectively the texture of colonial Bengal upto the modern period through a rigorous attention to details .
Rs 50,000/-
22BEST MAKE-UP ARTISTJaatishwar(Bengali)Vikram Gaikwad Rajat  Kamal andFor the admirable detailing and remarkable consistency achieved in the etching of the characters played by Prasenjit Chatterjee.
(for the make-up of the actor Prasenjit)
Rs 50,000/-
23BEST  MUSIC DIRECTION Jaatishwar(Bengali) Kabir Suman Rajat  Kamal andThe music director has presented a rich variety of musical genres of Bengal with appropriate voices, instruments and orchestration.
i) SongsShantanu MoitraThe music composer has kept a balance of music programming and regional acoustic instruments like Saraswati Veena, Mridangam, Ghatam, Morsing and voices to underline the theme of the film.
i)ii) Background ScoreNa Bangaaru Talli (Telugu)Rs 50,000/-
ii)Rajat  Kamal and
Rs 50,000/-
24BEST LYRICSThanga Meengal (Tamil)Na. Muthukumarfor the lyric Ananda YaazhaiRajat  Kamal andFor giving a poetic expression to the narrative through contextual amplification of emotions.
Rs 50,000/-
25SPECIAL JURY AWARDYellow (Marathi) Producer: Viva In En Rajat  Kamal andAn unbelievably inspiring film about a specially gifted girl who overcomes all the odds to make an international mark.
Director : Mahesh Limaye
&Producer: Future East Film Pvt LtdRs 2,00,000/-Set in the criminal depths of Mumbai’s c-grade film industry, bathed in sleaze and sex, the plot explores intense and mutually destructive relationships. A densely layered narrative, period costumes and production design conveys a pulp style, all its own.
Director : Ashim Ahluwalia
Miss Lovely(Hindi)(Cash component to be shared)
26BEST SPECIAL EFFECTSJal (Hindi)Intermezzo Studio Rajat  Kamal  andFor creative and organic use of special effects to enhance the theme of the film.
Alien Sense Films Pvt Ltd
Rs  50,000/-
27BEST CHOREOGRAPHYBhaag Milkha Bhaag(Hindi)Ganesh Acharyafor Rajat  Kamal andFor effectively using young soldiers and just the props available within the barracks to create a rugged and exuberant dance.
Maston ka Jhund
Rs  50,000/-
28BEST ASSAMESE FILMAjeyoProducer: Shiven Arts Rajat  Kamal andThe story of a boy who stands up against in pre-independent India and hopes for rule of law in independent India. But his hopes are all but shattered by happenings later on.
Director : Jahnu BaruaRs 1,00,000/- each
to the Producer and Director
29BEST BENGALI FILMBakita ByaktigatoProducer: Tripod Rajat  Kamal andA delightful film about the need for love in our cynical times.
Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Director : Pradipta BhattacharyaRs 1,00,000/- each
to the Producer and Director
30BEST HINDI FILMJolly LLBProducer: Fox Star Studios Rajat  Kamal andA fast-paced film of an ambitious lawyer wanting to make it big through short-cut method ends up opening a high profile case and what follows is a roller coaster ride of a man, his moralities, ambitions and relationships.
Director : Subhash Kapoor
Rs 1,00,000/- each
to the Producer and Director
31BEST KANNADA  FILM1-DecProducer: Basant Productions Rajat  Kamal andA hard-hitting tale of a poor family in  a village that gets enmeshed with the crooked ways of politicians.
Director : P. Sheshadri
Rs 1,00,000/- each
to the Producer and Director
32BEST KONKANI FILMBaga BeachProducer: Sharvani Productions Rajat  Kamal andBased on a true story, an honest and simple revelation of darkly-held secrets on the beaches of Goa.
Director :Laxmikant Shetgaonkar
Rs 1,00,000/- each
to the Producer and Director
33BEST MALAYALAM FILMNorth 24 KaadhamProducer: Surya Cine Arts Rajat  Kamal andA train journey that transforms an eccentric character by taking him through trying situations and making him more compassionate.
Director : Anil Radhakrishnan
MenonRs 1,00,000/- each
to the Producer and Director
34BEST MARATHI FILMAajcha Diwas MajhaProducer: White Swan Productions Rajat  Kamal andA parody on musical chair in politics and a critique of the hierarchical system in bureaucracy, the film takes an unusual turn when the political boss has a change of heart.
Director :Chandrakant Kulkarni
Rs 1,00,000/- each
to the Producer and Director
35BEST TAMIL FILMThanga MeengalProducer: JSK Film Corporation Rajat  Kamal andAn emotional tale of a man who separates from his wife and beloved eight year old daughter to look for a job in a distant city. The consequences that follow, finally lead to an emotional and heart-warming reunion.
Director : Ram
Rs 1,00,000/- each
to the Producer and Director
36BEST TELUGU FILMNa Bangaaru TalliProducer: Sun Touch Productions Rajat  Kamal andThe film is a searing indictment of the pervasive and ruthless world of the sex trade.
Director : Rajesh Touchriver
Rs 1,00,000/- each
to the Producer and Director
37BEST ENGLISH FILMThe Coffin MakerProducer: Shree Narayan Studio Rajat  Kamal andTale of a coffin maker and his wife living in a small Goan village. The film gets very interesting, intriguing and philosophical as death as a character enters their lives.
Director : Veena Bakshi
Rs 1,00,000/- each
to the Producer and Director
38BEST KHASI FILMRIProducer: Kurbah Films Rajat  Kamal andA complex tale of insurgency and reconciliation set in the turbulent North East state of Meghalaya.
Director : Pradip Kurbah
Rs 1,00,000/- each
to the Producer and Director
39BEST SHERDUKPEN  FILMThe Crossing BridgesProducer: TNT Films Production Rajat  Kamal andA well-crafted film that tells the tale of a young man who comes back from Mumbai to his remote village in Arunachal Pradesh to find his roots.
Director : Sange Dorjee Thongdok
Rs 1,00,000/- each
to the Producer and Director
40SPECIAL MENTIONYellow (Marathi)Gauri Gadgil, Sanjana RaiCertificateTo pay our salutation to the indomitable spirit of a special child.
Na Bangaaru Talli (Telugu)Anjali PatilCertificateKudos to the courage of a girl, who brought out her real life story and told it to the world.
S.No.Name of AwardName of FilmAwardeeMedal & Cash PrizeCitation
1BEST NON FEATURE FILMRangbhoomi Producer : Films Division SWARNA KAMALFor an innovative and artistic exploration of the themes and concerns of the celebrated pioneer of Indian cinema, during a relatively unknown phase of his life, which leaves the viewer moved and shaken.
Rs 1,50,000/-
each to the Producer & Director
Director : Kamal Swaroop
2BEST DEBUT FILM OF A DIRECTOR Kanyaka Producer : Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute RAJAT  KAMALFor its wholly convincing mise-en-scene set in a convent run by Malayali nuns, wherein the grief and guilt of the young protagonist is presented in a manner that leaves a lot to the imagination of the viewer.
Rs 75,000/- each to the Producer & Director
Director : Christo Tomy
3BEST BIOGRAPHICAL/ HISTORICAL RECONSTRUCTION The Last Adieu Producer : Films Division RAJAT  KAMALFor its insight into the work of an exceptionally passionate documentary filmmaker blended with a frank and moving account of his daughter’s attempt to come to terms with his estrangement from the family.
(English)Director : Shabnam Sukhdev&
Rs 50,000/- each to the Producer & Director
4BEST ARTS /CULTURAL FILM Shared Producer : Holybull Entertainment LLP RAJAT  KAMALa.
&For a near surreal depiction of a dying art form in a globalised society. The film combines elements of drama and visual art with a lament for a rich cultural tradition.
a.      The Lost Behrupiya(Hindi)Director : Sriram DaltonRs 50,000/- each to the Producer & Director
Producer : Justin McCarthyb.
Director : Sandhya Kumar & Justin McCarthyFor its wholly unconventional investigation of the Devadasi tradition in South India, combining an appreciation of this delicate and sensuous art form with a genuine sociological exploration.
b.      O Friend, This Waiting !(cash component to be shared among the films)
(English, Telugu)
5BEST SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY FILMThe Pad Piper Producer : Akanksha Sood Singh RAJAT  KAMALFor its portrayal of a sensitive man with a profound belief in appropriate technology who came up with a simple piece of engineering – an affordable sanitary napkin that has had an extraordinary impact on the health of millions of poor women.
(English)Director : Akanksha Sood Singh&
Rs 50,000/- each to the Producer & Director
6BEST PROMOTIONAL FILM Shared Producer Edumedia India RAJAT  KAMALa.
&For scratching the moral surface of the Indian middle class and holding a mirror for all of us who are torn between self interests and ethical dilemmas.
a. Chasing The RainbowDirector : Charu Shree RoyRs 50,000/- each to the Producer & Directorb.
(English)Producer : Red Carpet Moving Pictures Pvt. Ltd.For sensitively revisiting a dark phase of Indian history when communal passions ran amuck. The film looks at the impact on young children and questions why we allow history to repeat itself.
b. Kush(cash component to be shared among the  films)
(Hindi)Director :Shubhashish Bhutiani
7BEST ENVIRONMENT FILM  INCLUDING AGRICULTURE Foresting Life Producer : A Media For Social Impact RAJAT  KAMALFor its earthy look at a man, the forest he created all by himself, and the heroic effort that is necessary to sustain that forest without any government help.
(Hindi, Assamese)Director : Aarti Shrivastava&
Rs 50,000/- each to the Producer & Director
8BEST FILM ON SOCIAL ISSUES Gulabi Gang Producer : Raintree Films, Piraya Film As, Final Cut for Real Aps RAJAT  KAMALFor its powerful depiction of a crusader for the subaltern that takes us deeper into the continuing struggles of the rural Indian woman set in a milieu of chauvinistic scepticism.
(Hindi, Bundelkhandi)Director: Nishtha Jain&
Rs 50,000/- each to the Producer & Director
9.      bBEST EDUCATIONAL FILMThe Quantum Indians Producer : Public Service Broadcasting Trust RAJAT  KAMALFor an extremely efficient and precise analysis of the contributions of three renowned scientists in a manner that not only educates today’s generation but also provides insights into complex scientific phenomena in an accessible manner.
(English)Director: Raja Choudhury&
Rs 50,000/- each to the Producer & Director
10BEST INVESTIGATIVE FILM Katiyabaaz Producer :Globalistan Films Pvt. Ltd. RAJAT  KAMALFor its cutting edge investigation into the life of a typical Indian city, the film uses strong characters, juxtapositions and humour to create a visual arch that delineates the haves and have-nots of power
(Hindi,Urdu,English)Director: Deepti Kakkar&
&Rs 50,000/- each to the Producer & Director
Fahad Mustafa
a.     Ananthamurthy – Not A Biography…But A Hypothesis&For the clarity and the insight with which it looks at the work of Ananthamurthy, one of the finest Indian writers, whose work carries exceptional social significance.
(English)Director:Girish KasaravalliRs 1,00,000/-
b.         Tamaashb.
(Kashmiri)(cash component to be shared among films)For presenting a heartwarming story of friendship in a lucid and engaging style and for using elements of the magical and the macabre to create a modern day fable of Kashmir.
Director: Satyanshu Singh
Devanshu Singh
12BEST SHORT FICTION FILMMandrake ! Producer : Film and Television Institute of India RAJAT  KAMALFor the deftly crafted story of a young man who transforms a rundown warehouse into an Aladdin’s Cave through the fun and frolic of the moving image where magic, mystery and adventure become possible.
Mandrake !&
(Hindi)Rs 50,000/-  each to the Producer & Director
Director: Ruchir Arun
13BEST FILM ON FAMILY VALUESHeyro Party Producer : Baishakhi Banerjee & Deepak Gawade RAJAT  KAMALFor its poignant reflection of selfless dreams and aspirations, the film depicts the struggles and dilemmas of a poor family in a simple and compelling cinematic language.
(Bengali)Director: Deepak Gawade&
Rs 50,000/- each to the Producer & Director
14BEST DIRECTION Chidiya Udh Director: Pranjal DuaSWARNA KAMALFor his unique vision of urban angst told without dialogue. The de-emphasised narrative masterfully blends visual, sound, music and acting.
(No Dialogue)&
Rs 1,50,000/-
15BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY Mandrake ! Cameraman : Kavin Jagtiani RAJAT  KAMALFor exhibiting a wide spectrum of hues, both colour and  black and white, while picturising the action in a dark warehouse full of unlikely light sources as also for the simulation of a silent era film with amusing trick photography.
16BEST AUDIOGRAPHY Chidiya Udh Gautam NairRAJAT  KAMALFor a layered and resonant sound track with elements of ambiguity and discord contributing to an overwhelming sense of urban disconnect.
(No Dialogue)&
Rs 50,000/-
17BEST EDITING Gulabi Gang Arjun GourisariaRAJAT  KAMALFor imparting the film with its structure and rhythm, tempo and drama, movement and exposition.
(Hindi, Bundelkhandi)&
18BEST MUSIC DIRECTIONYugadrashta Anurag SaikiaRAJAT  KAMALFor its spectacular blending of folk elements with a rich and nuanced classicism that conveys an enthralling period feel.
Rs 50,000/-
19BEST NARRATION/ VOICE OVER Kankee O Saapo Lipika Singh DaraiRAJAT  KAMALFor its soulful and enigmatic interior dialogue between two generations that operates at an allegorical level, gently synthesising apparently unrelated visuals leaving the viewer with a strong sense of evocation.
20SPECIAL MENTION a.      Accsex Director : Shweta Ghosh CERTIFICATEa.
(English, Hindi)For vigorously taking up the challenge of exploring sexuality in women perceived to be differently abled.
b.      Candles In The Windb.
(Punjabi, Hindi)For its chilling depiction of the ground realities in the bread basket of India. The tone and texture of the film contradict the prevalent narrative of it being the best place to live and work.
c.       Dharmamc.
(Tamil)For its searing critique of middle class hypocrisy and a corrupt society as seen through the eyes of an impressionable child.
d.      At the Cross Roads :  Nondon Bagchi Life and LivingDirector : Kavita Bahl & Nandan SaxenaFor an entertaining biography of a wonderfully engaging personality, with shades of a near chaotic life style, set in a period known for its path-breaking music.
(English, Bengali)
Director : Madonne M Ashwin
Director : Rajdeep Paul   and
Sarmistha Maiti
Best Book on Cinema
Title of the BookAuthorPublisherCitation
Cinema Ga Cinema Swarna Kamal and Rs 75000 to the author :NandagopalSwarna Kamal and Rs 75000 to the Publisher:Praga India, HyderabadCinema Ga Cinema is a refreshing treatise on various aspects of film making from its beginning in the early 20th century to the present and even into the future. Veteran film journalist Shri Nandagopal deals in an exhaustive, research based and yet elegant manner with different aspects of the art of cinema, aesthetic values, roles of dance and music, photography, costumes and myriad other aspects of film making not just in India but even in world cinema. His extensive exposure and experience in the film industry lends richness to all parts of the book.
Best Film Critic
Name of CriticCitation
Swarna Kamal and Rs 75,000 to the Critic : Alaka Sahani (English)Through her articles published in 2013, film critic Alaka Sahani has highlighted facets of cinema beyond glamour and gossip by delving deeper into the contemporary relevance of iconic film makers, hunting down the remnants of yesteryear theatres in Mumbai, investigating the new lease of life given to documentary film makers by the Internet and by looking at film making on the other side of the border. The Jury recommends her for the award for the non-mainstream theme of her articles and the sensitivity with which she has presented these issues.

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