8th anniversary

No Substitute For Silver Screen

Online streaming has its benefits but a movie is not a movie till you’ve seen it on the big screen The movie theatre business is alive and innovating. With the industry adapting constantly to deliver new experiences to consumers, the

Coming To A Cinema Near You…

The disruption triggered by OTT platforms is exciting but how can we still draw audiences to cinemas? The buzzword today in corporate cabins and coffee shops among the Suits and the Strugglers is ‘Content’. Everyone is searching for it, like

Adapt or Perish

It is becoming increasingly challenging to attract movie-goers to cinemas even as audiences turn to the digital medium for their entertainment fix. Here’s how we can stay afloat Over the past few months, we have seen a con­founding trend at

Happy Feet

Dancers and choreographers are moving to a whole new tune even as movie-making gets increasingly professional   Like every other department, a lot has changed in choreography. From having fixed background dancers, and those who were a little older, to

Ring In The New

The transition to the digital medium benefits the entire industry; embrace it wholeheartedly We well and truly live in the digital era. We have access to everything at the click of the mouse, right from banks to medicines to academics.

To Worry Or Not To Worry?

How digital medium (Netflix, Amazon) is going to affect theatre business? Theatres have forever been fending of disruptions caused by technological advancements- VHS tapes, DTH services, Satellite TV, Online streaming etc., along with plain thievery like piracy. The film business

Primal Screen

The transition from ‘filmmaker’ to ‘storyteller’, and that’s more than just a change in semantics I am soon going to be working with either Amazon or Netflix… Yes, I will be entering the digital space soon. And it is my

Credit Is Due

Finally, an age of meritocracy is showing signs of dawning, and I couldn’t be happier Disclaimer: Salim-Javed were exceptional. Salim-Javed were an exception as well. All experience is personal.   Prologue: Maybe eight things have really changed in the field

Ye Kahan Aa Gaye Hum

Writing a winning script is much harder than it looks, and changing audience tastes and evolving technol­ogy just threw the rule book out the window   The hinge of a moving door never rusts. This is one of the core

Substance vs Style

Opportunities open up as filmmakers demand authenticity Filmmakers are now more aware of the importance of a costume designer. Nowadays, directors and producers have started expecting authentic and researched clothes for their characters. It’s no longer about giving the actors

Dear Newbie

Attitude is everything, talent will take care of the rest… don’t and don’ts for aspiring filmmakers Be A Visionary It is essential to have a definite plan before you start something new. While Bollywood is such a big industry with

No Second Chances

In the digital age, the audi­ence has become ruthless and relentless, and it is even more important for a mar­keter to keep their eye on the ball   ‘The best kind of marketing doesn’t feel like marketing’ From being ubiquitous

All The World’s A Stage

The festival circuit has opened up other countries to indie filmmakers Festivals over the last eight years have been providing platforms to smaller–budget, indie films outside the country, where very often they do not find a theatrical release. Festivals have

Gaining An Edge

We take greater and better risks, and the reward is an audience with higher standards It’s all about the art, the creativity. Over the past few years, the degree of edginess in films has changed dramatically. From what we used

Dream Catchers

VFX has given us an arsenal no other generation of film­makers has ever had Visual effects have been used in films almost from the beginning of movies, around the 1900s. But visual effects were not without their limits. Camera moves

A Matter of Trust

With the audience demanding good cinema, the role of a casting director has acquired legitimacy Since I started my career, a lot has changed. And, one of the positive changes is that people have become more professional. When I started

Virtually There

Timelines are shorter but risks are lower and distribution is easier than it has ever been Singles Screens to Multiplexes: Multiplexes have changed the entire box office. Earlier it used to be more single screens. We used to get collections

Coming Of Age

We’re bigger, cleaner, more globally recognised. The new tools we must master: digital markets and social media One of the big changes is that Bollywood has become very organised. Another thing that has changed is that all the dealings here

Flipping A Switch

The digital tsunami has rewritten all the rules of cinema. The change is as fascinating as it is daunting Women-Centric Films Rule The Roost – Dethroning the much-entrenched concept that only a ‘hero’ can make films work, films like The

The Human Element

As if the art of filmmaking was not tough enough, there’s another set of challenges that could sabotage even your best effort My film, Babumoshai Bandookbaaz, released last month and is still running in cinemas. The response has been phenomenal

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Julie 2102.10CR02.10CR
Kadvi Hawa122.37LK22.37LK
The Forest102.65LK02.65LK
Woh Bangaya Killer110.00K10.00K
An Insignificant Man112.70LK12.70LK

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Trade Gup

  • What is Rajkumar Hirani’s next sequel?
  • Vishal Bhardwaj to have three releases in 2018
  • Phantom to clash with Reliance Phantom
  • Zee to acquire UTV Movies
  • Akshay Kumar, Arshad Warsi in Jolly LLB 3

In Conversation

  • A M Turaz weaves poetry into his lyrics for Padmavati
  • Laxmi Raai makes her Bollywood debut with her 50th film, Julie2
  • SVF’s Mahendra Soni breaks a record for Amazon Obhijaan
  • Milind Rao on The House Next Door and his love for horror
  • Guru Randhawa hits a high note with Ban ja tu meri rani
  • Freewheeling with Sidharth Malhotra after Ittefaq

Straight News

  • Bhutiani is jury member at Munich fest
  • Prashantt Guptha to reprise Rafi classic
  • Fox, Abundantia to make P Gopichand biopic
  • Karan Johar’s short film to roll soon


  • When editing, I never direct, says Chandan Arora
  • For Eeshit Narain, it all started over a cup of tea…
  • I love the modern version of my script: Kamna Chandra
  • It was very personal for me, admits Ghazal Dhaliwal