8th anniversary

Rev-Rev- Revolution

From the stories we have, to the way we tell stories and to the way stories are consumed… Hindi cinema is barely recognisable from a few years ago It is a very exciting time for Hindi cinema which is undergoing

Write On!

From sketchy one-liners to statutory protection, the story of the scriptwriter is finally taking on a happy twist While every new idea, every new screenplay project, may still make me feel like a newcomer to the field, there’s no forgetting

Guess Again

We have more freedom but we second-guess ourselves more, as audience shifts and systems change Until some years ago, there was an easiness between us and actors. We could talk to them directly; the managers and agents were not really

Cell-ing Point

It’s no longer just the digital boom but the mobile phone in particular that’s influencing key decisions of filmmakers and marketers In the last decade, since the inception of Trigger Happy Entertainment, we have been fortunate to work with an

So You Want To Become A Filmmaker?

There are no cheat sheets, no magic formulae. Here’s a roadmap to follow when making your first film   The Blank Page – Starting Out. The idea. Too many people think first about the result rather than the idea behind

Edgy Is In

  A combination of chang­ing audience preferences, state-of-the-art technol­ogy and an acceptance that story-led films are the only successful formula is alter­ing the face of Hindi cinema   Audience is accepting films without ‘stars’. A whole host of new faces

Story Time

The movie-watching audience has forced the industry to pay close attention to content. We are finally realising that nothing else will – or can – work The world around us is undergoing a rapid change. And that is evident even

Tidal Wave

The movie industry is witnessing change that is rapid and sometimes brutal. For the trade, it’s either sink or swim.   It’s been 14 years since I officially forayed into Bollywood. Among the few professionals to have had the privilege

Facing The Music, Happily!

Digital has spelt good news for the film music industry. Here’s why Film Music Still Holds Fort This one will definitely get me brickbats. I agree that there are some great indie musicians on the scene, and the do yens

Look Who’s Watching

It takes all kinds to make the box office buzz. Check out these unique categories of movie-goers

Clicks And Hashtags

Social media has changed the game When we started with films like Khiladi and Baazigar, neither the media nor television had as much of a presence as they do today. So many movies would work in the single-screen theatres. Movies

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This Week’s Issue

Trade Gup

  • Hirani to direct Varun, will also produce the film
  • Dabangg 3 is Salman’s next, to release in 2018
  • Ranveer, Arjun ki entry in Boney Kapoor’s sequel
  • Akshay Kumar’s gesture for his ‘family’
  • Alia Bhatt too busy for Vishesh Films
  • Abhishek Pathak to make directorial debut

In Conversation

  • Akshay Kumar on blending commerce and entertainment in Pad Man
  • Ravi Kishan packs a punch in Mukkabaaz
  • Dipesh Shah basks in the success of Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye