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Bloody Isshq

Some films are made without a proper script and character sketch and are produced without any reason. Bloody Isshq is definitely one of them and watching this film is a criminal waste of time and money. The film, in short, is incompetent at all levels.

Natasha (Tripta Parashar) is a hotel heiress who is brash and defiant by nature. She meets with an accident and had it not been for Nirvaan Shroff (Akash Singh) her saviour, she would have lost her life. Nirvaan saves Natasha from the accident but his roughness infatuates her to him, but Nirvaan is not the one to be tamed easily. A wager from her friend starts the game of seduction between Natasha and Nirvaan. But soon Natasha falls for him, without knowing about Nirvaan’s past where he has a wife Radhika (Shilpa Anand) in another country. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Director Arup Dutta makes no sense with either the script or the dialogue. Execution is disappointing. Everyone associated with the technical department is a big let-down. Many scenes fail to detain the quintessence of the script and the director fails to evoke the emotions of each character from his star cast.

The story has a series of loopholes and glitches in the script are innumerable to describe. The mundane plot interspersed with uninteresting music makes the film a drag and even intolerable. Also for a romance suspense drama, the film has sleazy romance and monotonous suspense that prolongs. The major drawback of the film is that its first half is a drag and it picks up pace only post interval.

The drama isn’t convincing and is over the top and the emotions portrayed fail to engage the audience. Sure, there are a few moments worth watching but, alas, too few. The film does pick up pace in the second half but loses it’s swiftness after few scenes.

The screenplay is much too predictable and vague. There are too many loose ends, and the main plot of the film is not exhilarating enough to impress. Cinematography is average and fails to exploit the location. Editing could have been better and crisper. The musical score is a disappointment and the background music is uninspiring.

Performance-wise, Akash is just about okay. He fails to hold the narrative together and doesn’t impress. Shilpa Anand with her average acting skills has little scope. Tripta Parashar is irksome at times and fails to emote her character to the fullest. Mukesh Tiwari is good and does justice to his role. Karan Mehra suits his character and does well. The rest of the cast is at par with the script.

Verdict: Obviously, Dud!

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