Coming Of Age

We’re bigger, cleaner, more globally recognised. The new tools we must master: digital markets and social media One of the big changes is that Bollywood has become very organised. Another thing that has changed is that all the dealings here

Flipping A Switch

The digital tsunami has rewritten all the rules of cinema. The change is as fascinating as it is daunting Women-Centric Films Rule The Roost – Dethroning the much-entrenched concept that only a ‘hero’ can make films work, films like The

The Human Element

As if the art of filmmaking was not tough enough, there’s another set of challenges that could sabotage even your best effort My film, Babumoshai Bandookbaaz, released last month and is still running in cinemas. The response has been phenomenal

A Little Magic

VFX can help filmmakers achieve perfection – of the visual kind Films are made to not just entertain audiences but also to narrate stories / real-life incidences / bring life to our favourite characters from a book. Over the years,

Tell A Good Tale

Language, medium and audience have changed but a stunning script still wins every time It’s a funny thing. I have been lucky enough to be here for a long time and see many changes. When I came to Bombay to

Win-Win, Every Time

How to hit the bull’s eye while acquiring a project Script Director Star Cast Music Producer’s Track Record Delivery On Time Make sure the story hasn’t been told in the last two to three years How one can market a

The Word Is Law

From ‘DVD rip-offs’ to content-led scripts… there are plenty of twists and turns in this story I started writing for films quite late, around 2002- 2003. Before that, I wrote for TV serials. I was doing quite well and the

Cast In Gold

Casting directors now play a direct role in executing the director’s vision and have gained new respect When I started my career, assistant directors or production people used to usually do the casting. It was all in-house and almost every

Go India!

The perception of Hindi cinema is changing in the West, thanks to a new breed of young, talented and fearless filmmakers In the last five years, Indian cinema has gone through a series of changes. From change in the landscape

Speed Racers

We’re reaching out to the world with more movies, recovering costs quicker too Duration of making a film: Earlier it used to be really difficult to get dates for heroes and heroines. It would take two to three years to

Net Result

Thanks to digitisation, times couldn’t be more exciting – and more challenging – for film marketers The most overarching change in film marketing would have to nobody took it seriously, people used to say, ‘Laga do 5 lakh internet pe.’

Mystery, unlocked

Audience is smarter, more critical. In a corporatised industry, it’s all about the product The first change is that the industry has gone corporate. This was a major turning point, one that has had pros as well as cons. It

Push & Pull

Content consumption patterns, even though in flux, determine whether a film marketing campaign will be successful There is a remarkable shift in how the Indian audience consumes content today. Apart from Bollywood and cricket, Indians are now watching kabaddi, football,

Changing The Narrative

Ironically, writers are finally gaining respect, thanks to today’s discerning audience rather than an admission from a grudging film trade “Writing never comes easy. The difference between Page 2 and Page Nothing is the difference between life and death.” –

Digital Daydreams

The shift from analog means we can be instant, exciting, original Promos are what bring the horse to water. People decide if they will watch the film or not depending on its trailer. If the promo doesn’t work, it will

Rev-Rev- Revolution

From the stories we have, to the way we tell stories and to the way stories are consumed… Hindi cinema is barely recognisable from a few years ago It is a very exciting time for Hindi cinema which is undergoing

Write On!

From sketchy one-liners to statutory protection, the story of the scriptwriter is finally taking on a happy twist While every new idea, every new screenplay project, may still make me feel like a newcomer to the field, there’s no forgetting

Guess Again

We have more freedom but we second-guess ourselves more, as audience shifts and systems change Until some years ago, there was an easiness between us and actors. We could talk to them directly; the managers and agents were not really

Cell-ing Point

It’s no longer just the digital boom but the mobile phone in particular that’s influencing key decisions of filmmakers and marketers In the last decade, since the inception of Trigger Happy Entertainment, we have been fortunate to work with an

So You Want To Become A Filmmaker?

There are no cheat sheets, no magic formulae. Here’s a roadmap to follow when making your first film The Blank Page – Starting Out. The idea. Too many people think first about the result rather than the idea behind the

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This Week’s Issue

Trade Gup

  • Abhay Deol Signs another independent project
  • A busy Rajkummar Rao goes international
  • SSR goes dark with his next, heads for Chambal
  • Padmavati races to meet deadline, teaser soon
  • Sidharth, Varun ‘together’ again on screen
  • Gippy Grewal bags his third Hindi film


  • Behind the scenes with Team Bhoomi on Sanjay Dutt’s comeback film
  • Gippy Grewal is excited about his second Hindi venture, Lucknow Central
  • Rajkummar Rao, Amit Masurkar bask in acclaim for their upcoming Newton

Straight News

  • LUMB wins another international festival award
  • Cinestaan signs biopic on tennis ace Vijay Amritraj
  • Shiladitya Bora launches banner, impressive line-up