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Dangal Diaries

IMG_9721Aamir Khan is known for his marketing prowess as much as for his acting skills. This time with his upcoming film Dangal still having five months to go before it hits theatres during Christmas, the actor decided to release the first poster of the film along with Salman Khan’s Sultan so that the audience also starts looking forward to his upcoming film. Khan, along with director Nitesh Tiwari and producer Siddharth Roy Kapur held a press conference where they launched the first poster of Dangal. Here’s what they said at the do:

Aamir Khan On Dangal Tag Line

‘Maari chhoriyaan, chhoro se kum hain kya?’ is a very apt line in the film. My character in the film has four daughters and he is very proud of his girls and that’s why he says in the film, ‘maari chhoriyaan, chhoro se kum hain kya?’, so in one line we tell you what the story is all about.

Aamir On Wrapping Up Dangal

We have wrapped up the entire schedule of the film. I had put on weight for the film and later I reduced, as you can see. The film starts when my character is shown as a young wrestler, there is still one song which is left to be shot for a promotional video rest we have finished the entire shoot.

Aamir On Leveraging Sultan

Sultan will have a bumper opening. We are using the huge potential that Sultan has to propel our film. And I know all the audience will step into theatres to watch Sultan and when they enter we want them to take notice of our poster also at the corner of the theatre.

Aamir On Similarities With Sultan

There are no similarities between both the films except wrestling being the common factor. The story is very different and so is the treatment. Sultan, of whatever I have seen so far, I have loved the look of the film; I loved the way the director has shot the song. I really hope it’s a huge success and breaks all records.

Aamir On Being True To The Film

See I have always maintained one thing that I will market a film but by being true to my audience. I also play a younger version in the film and we could have put that out in the poster but that’s not the truth of the film. The truth is that it’s a story of a father who has four daughters and how he trains all of them in wrestling. It’s about their journey, their relationship, it’s about their family.

Aamir On The Story Line

The thought of our film is that our daughters are no less than our sons. And we have strong woman characters in our real lives. The film is very special to me as it just doesn’t talk about women empowerment, it also tells you a story of fighting against all odds and sticking to what you want to achieve. Also, don’t lose your conviction, which we also saw in Lagaan. It is a very inspiring story. In fact when for the first time Nitesh and Siddharth came to me with the story I had assumed that it is about Mahavir Phogat and I was expecting some very emotional story out of them. It is dramatic and emotional but there is a humour in the story too, which really surprised me. I had not expected to laugh during the narration but I laughed as I was so moved by the story so that was very refreshing for me. It takes you on a journey, you enjoy, you feel emotional and you also feel inspired by the man.

Nitesh Tiwari On Dangal

When we started writing the script to when we finished the script we didn’t have any actor in mind. We just wrote the script but when one day a narration with Siddharth and Ronnie (Screwvala) happened and they asked me if I have some actor in mind and I said ‘Aamir Khan’. I don’t know why but it was his name which came to my mind.

Nitesh On Aamir

He is one of the most sorted actors I have worked with so far. He is very particular and very open to ideas once he put his faith in you and then he follows what you say. And with this conviction he did the entire film, not just the physical aspect but the entire film. I don’t see anyone else doing it. He lives up to your vision.

Aamir On Choosing DangalIMG_9752

When for the first time I heard the narration, I loved it. But at that time I had just finished Dhoom 3 so I was thinking that my body has to go through so much for Dangal and whether I should take it up or not. The script demanded me to be 55 years old, which I am in real life, and I was also a little scared to play my actual age because once the audience accepts you in your actual age they might not accept me if I then play a younger character. So I was skeptical about those things and in my mind I convinced myself that after may be 5-10 years I can play such roles when I turn 60. But somewhere the story remained in my mind. So after few months I called up Nitesh once again and asked him to narrate the script to me once again. I decided in my mind not to put any logic, as to how I will look or how the audience will react. The audience knows my taste and how I portray each of my characters so I knew that if I am correct they will accept me. That’s how I decided to do the film, by following my heart.

There was only one request which I made to Nitesh and that he shoot the fat version first and then we shoot the slim one as I was already lean at that time. It is easy to gain weight but to come back in shape is difficult and I wanted to stay motivated to losing all that weight as I still had to shoot my younger leaner portions in Dangal!

Aamir On The Title

To be very honest we are thankful to Salman Khan who actually gave us the title Dangal. When Nitesh got the story it was already called Dangal but we realised the title is with Puneet Issar and I knew that he is very good friends with Salman Khan. So I called up Salman and asked him if he can arrange a meeting, which he did. And Puneet was very sweet to give away the title to us.

Siddharth Roy Kapur On Dangal

This happens to be our ninth association with Aamir Khan. As producers, co-producers, distributors or in some capacity or other, it’s nothing new for us to want to get attached to Aamir in some capacity. The idea came from a member of our creative team Divya Rao, she read about the story and she thought it will make for a great film. When she came to us with it, it sounded so inspirational and emotional so we then went to Nitesh and he also fell in love with it. He wrote a beautiful script and as he mentioned, the first name that came to our mind was Aamir’s.

Aamir Khan On Reel Daughters

I was surprised to see all the girls in the film. With so much conviction they used to deliver each and every scene, I was really shocked that at their age how focused they are. I believe today’s youth is very focused in whatever they do. Everyone learned wrestling and also the dialect.

Aamir Khan On Worrying

Whenever I finish shooting a film or am about to finish one, there is one thought which always worries me: what if something happens to me? How will the film get made? So when I started shooting with Nitesh, I had told him to cast someone else for the younger role. I don’t know but such thoughts always worry me because we put so much energy in our films and if it doesn’t get made properly, I will be so hurt.

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