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Disney, Basu, RK- Lethal Combination

It’s taken a few years after Barfi! for us to be treated to the next instalment of the Disney-Anurag Basu-Ranbir Kapoor combination to reach audiences. But now that all of us have watched the trailer and songs from Jagga Jasoos,  we feel this film will, once again, hit the bull’s eye!

 The studio believed in Basu from day one and backed his unique musical narrative style and vision. As they go flat out to release Jagga Jasoos in less than a week, the fantastic score, excitement and adventure of the film has translated into loads of anticipation and buzz among movie-goers and the trade alike. We cannot wait to watch this fresh, fun and family-inclusive entertainer.

 As a genre, musicals are rare in Indian cinema. While there’s certainly no dearth of songs in our movies, and the culture of singing, dancing and popular music from the movies is a part of our daily lives, musicals – i.e. singing dialogue, which takes the narrative forward – has almost never been seen before.

Whether in recent theatricals like Disney’s Beauty And The Beast or the classic Mary Poppins (and its upcoming sequel), or the High School Musical series for the small screen, Disney is known to magically weave music into their stories, making it an integral part of the narrative and a form of expression. In Jagga Jasoos, Ranbir Kapoor’s character stammers and so he speaks in a sing-song style. He thus ‘sings’ his lines in the film. Interesting, isn’t it? 

At a time when the going is tough for Hindi cinema, one is almost certain that the excitement that the film’s visuals present are only the tip of the iceberg!

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