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Guess Who?

A film that was announced some months back created quite some buzz, thanks primarily to its intriguing two-hero casting. The film paired an action star with an occasional actor who likes to dabble in off-beat cinema and roles. With a noted producer and a fairly consistent director also part of the project, this film seemed the dark horse that would come up trumps at the box office.

However, despite the flashy announcement, the film subsequently was given a quiet burial with no reasons offered for it being shelved. But a little birdie now tells us that what led to the film being shelved was the remuneration demanded by the film’s second lead - a whopping two digit number... and we are talking crores here, not lakhs!

Perhaps, the said actor should refresh his memory on the collections of his last few releases to get a reality check on what he should charge. As they say, it is good to be ambitious, even better to be realistic!

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