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Guess Who?

No matter what names you use to describe the film industry, the one thing you cannot accuse it of is being predictable. With twists and turns of the kind that would make Hitchcock’s head spin, there is no saying when the tables will turn and equations flip in our line of work.

Take, for example, this producer – let’s call him P1 – who was incessantly chasing another producer (P2) to fund a remake that P1 had the rights for. Once a reasonably big actor liked the subject and allotted dates, P2 came on board and green-lit the project. Now the twist! Subsequently, P1 narrated another script to the same actor and he liked it too, so much so that he (the actor) mentioned this to another producer (P3), who is much bigger than P1 and P2, and P3 expressed an interest in producing it. P1 was so happy to sign up with P3 for this new subject that he even shifted the dates he had from the star for the first film – his co-production with P2 – to this film with P3!

The story doesn’t end here! Understandably miffed at being short-changed, but pragmatic enough to see an opportunity in a crisis, P2 now wants to come on board for this new film too, as the third producer. But the problem is that P3 doesn’t see any upside to having one more partner. And so we have a total role reversal. Whereas earlier P1 was chasing P2 to fund his film, now P2 is chasing P1 and telling him to convince P3 that P2 be taken on as a co-producer.

Which is why they say, never count your chickens till they hatch... and never count your productions as they might get snatched!


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