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Guess Who?

Often for filmmakers, their most formidable adversary is their own ego. 

Take, for example, this reasonably successful director whose last film was a moderate hit with a reasonably successful male lead. However, both the director and the male lead had a falling out by the time the film was over, and both tried to take credit for the film’s performance, average as it was. For his next film, the director has signed on a hero whose position in the pecking order is a couple of notches below that of his previous film’s actor. 

The problem is that the script requires two heroines and all the big names that the director has approached have turned him down, indirectly suggesting that they may reconsider if the hero was bigger. And the lesser known female actors that are fine with doing the film don’t excite the potential producers that the director is courting. Result: the director finds himself in a Catch-22 situation and can’t even wriggle out of the commitment he made to his leading man with such fanfare.

That’s why veterans in the trade always say that in this business, one should leave one’s ego at home when stepping out for work!

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