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Guess Who?

One of the most unfortunate facets of our industry is the frequent tendency to squeeze the meek while pandering to every whim of the mighty. The same is unfolding in this under-production film which finds itself over-budget after having completed the bulk of its shooting.

As often happens in such cases, the production team begged/pleaded/coaxed the second rung cast and crew to take a pay cut from what were pretty meagre fees to begin with. While pretty much everyone agreed to a 20-25 per cent discount on their dues, the producer is still not satisfied and is requesting everyone to slash their fees by half, or more!

Sorry, did we say everyone? Correction: everyone except the main leads and heads of key functions! Even though these biggies’ fees may be in many multiples of those owed to the small fish, the producer is paying them in full, lest their objections lead to the film’s release getting stalled.

Really sad state of affairs. Not that we have anything against stars getting paid what they are owed, but the same basic ethic should apply to all. Ever heard of karma, Mr Producer?


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