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Location Hunt

  • Pole Position

    Poland is no stranger to Indian movies and that’s not surprising.
  • Croatia Calling

    Made up of more than a thousand islands, the Eastern European country offers filmmakers locations from an era gone by
  • Island Paradise

    Fiji’s spectacular natural landscape and rich and vibrant culture makes the island nation a hot destination for tourists and filmmakers alike
  • Romancing Romania

    The rustic, beautiful country of Romania might be popular in the West for its vampire folklore but, in the East, the land has barely been explored, as far as films are concerned.
  • Wild Side

    Kenya made its Bollywood debut with the 1992 blockbuster Vishwathma.
  • German Jamboree

    With a terrain of vast forests, mountains and rivers, Germany has been a popular shooting destination for a long time
  • Wild Side

    Kenya is no stranger to Bollywood but its stunning landscape is now even more accessible to film producers thanks to generous incentives
  • Swede Surrender

    Filming in Sweden is not cheap but the country offers surreal and exotic locations available nowhere else on earth
  • Surprise Package

    Latvia is a refreshingly unexplored destination that offers breathtaking natural landscapes as well as medieval castles and other monuments that make for intriguing backdrops
  • Adding An Italian Flavour

    The region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia is a movie-maker’s dream – from sandy beaches to rocky mountains, it offers a variety of picture-perfect locations for a shoot…
  • Remote Possibility

    New Zealand’s Chatham Islands are a place of astonishing natural beauty, offering a visual spectacle of fairytale quality
  • Chile Is Hot

    From Paris to Patagonia and everything in between, filmmakers are drawn to Chile for its other-worldly beauty, astonishing variety of natural locations, and ability to stand in for some of the world’s