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Location Hunt

  • Swiss Roll

    Switzerland offers an additional 20 per cent tax incentive to shoot in its Alpine pastures while facilities to shoot remain uncomplicated as before
  • Melting Pot

    Other than a stunning variety of shoot locales, Taiwan is also known for its professional local crew to facilitate the filmmaking process
  • Rooting For Rio

    Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, the most visited city in the southern hemisphere, is a treasure trove of picturesque locales and celebratory culture
  • Canadian Caper

    Nova Scotia in Canada has a wealth of scenic locations and architecture, making it a great place for film shoots
  • Spoilt For Choice

    Ukraine is a versatile location that offers over a hundred castles, palaces and wooden churches, a variety of landscapes, and even doubles for Western Europe.
  • Mad About Malta

    Ancient history and grand scenic locales make Malta an unforgettable shooting experience
  • Small Wonder

    Hungary boasts class and classical culture against a backdrop of stunning architectural marvels – and tempting new tax incentives
  • Desert Rose

    A perfect combination of modern architecture, golden sands, sunny skies and turquoise waters makes Abu Dhabi a filmmaker’s delight
  • All In One

    Apart from unique locales, the unveiling of a brand new film incentive programme makes Serbia a hotspot for film and commercial shoots
  • Two In One

    One of the tallest cities in the world, Hong Kong is the perfect balance of old and new cultures, thus offering filmmakers every kind of location for shoots.
  • Tropical Beautiy

    Venezuela in South America offers exotic natural landscapes and world-class technical facilities for film production
  • French, Toast!

    Quaint, charming and with a medieval air, the Var region in south-east France is a great cinematic juxtaposition to urban life