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murli-chhatwaniMurli Chhatwani, Managing Director, Muviwale Entertainment

The market for Hollywood films in India has grown from a mere 1 per cent in 2000 to 17-18 per cent of the total market share when compared to Hindi films, and 11-12 per cent of the total Indian film revenue in 2016. Changing habits in consumption of English content have scaled up Hollywood’s pie in the Indian NBOC revenue, especially the dubbed market. Now big titles are dubbed in many languages at once to tap a wider release and cater to all markets.

The year 2017 will see 110 Hollywood films, of which 75-80 are by 6 Hollywood studios. These studio houses control 85-90 per cent of the market share with respect to NBOC, with around 65-70 per cent films being released in India. The area which has major potential in terms of compound growth in Hindi dubbed markets are CI, Rajasthan, Delhi / UP, Maharashtra, Punjab and Gujarat.

I see it as overall growth for the industry, where consumers will get quality content and movie viewing habits should become a regular affair. Yes, next year’s Hollywood line-up will bring in tough competition but it is a healthy one for our industry, where we are not only dependent on Indian content to work. Next year has some great products to offer and we are excited to see new benchmarks being set by Hollywood in terms of revenues in India.

Some of the major Hollywood releases that will give Indian releases a tough time in 2017 are: Kong: Skull Island (3D Imax), Justice League Part 1, Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 (3D), Thor: Ragnarok (3D), Logan (3D Imax), XXX: The Return Of Xander Cage, Transformers: The Last Knight, Fast 8, Jumanji, Star Wars: Episode VIII, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, War Of The Planet Of The Apes, Baywatch and The Mummy.

ashish-saksenaAshish Saksena, COO-Cinemas, BookMyShow

A greater number of releases always helps the industry grow and it is great that we have so many huge Hollywood  releases lined up in 2017. The co-existence of Hollywood and Indian films might have been an issue a few years ago because people did have preconceived notions about when to release a film and which period to avoid.

Since then, the market has evolved and we now see releases taking place almost every week instead of them crowding only the summer vacation, Diwali, Christmas, Eid and Independence Day. This makes us confident that both Indian and Hollywood films will continue to happily co-exist, especially because Hollywood studios and Indian film producers have mutual respect for each other’s content and are happy to space their releases accordingly.

In the recent past, we have seen a number of instances when Hollywood studios have released their films in India before the US, to give more breathing space to a blockbuster Indian film releasing on the same date. Also, with the growth in multiplexes and with 2K projectors becoming more the norm than the exception, it is no longer a big deal if two blockbuster films release together. To conclude, the more releases, the merrier.


Brijesh Tandon, Distributor

In 2016, we saw good returns from the Hollywood slate and, in 2017, Hollywood studios have been careful to plan their releases smartly, so that they don’t clash with any one of our biggies. Over here, we have 50:50 per cent screen distribution for Hollywood and Bollywood. Compared to early this year, next year we have high hopes from Hollywood releases as there are some big franchises lined up. We have high hopes from Star Wars, Fast & Furious, Transformers and the Marvel films since these have had a successful run with their earlier instalments.

debashish deyDebashish Dey, Distributor

Every exhibitor and distributor is keeping their fingers crossed since Hollywood will  be marching alongside Bollywood next year. It’s almost like ‘acche din aa gaye’ for us, especially with the marvellous franchise releases set to release next year. We are very hopeful because apart from Hindi biggies, we have some Hollywood biggies lines up for 2017, too. XXX, Baywatch and many Marvel films like Logan and Thor. Every instalment of the F&F series has done bumper business in India, so there are high expectations from Furious 8. The entire Hollywood slate looks fantastic.

Jaspal DhingraJaspal Dhingra, Distributor

In Punjab, Hollywood films usually don’t do well, so it is difficult to determine the business they will clock. But there are a few big releases lined up, which might bring in good revenue. Since their previous franchises have been successful in India, Hollywood studios are now taking the Indian market very seriously. They have planned their releases very thoughtfully so that they do not clash with any one of our big releases.

vijay kherVijay Kher, Distributor

English movies definitely work here. All the upcoming English releases are big franchises and have wide releases, so we can hope for good profits. Also, Hollywood has realised just how big of a market India is and they are marketing their films here as well as dubbing them in Hindi and regional languages. It is a great move by these studios, to not have their biggies compete with our Hindi big films and plan their releases keeping the range of their films in mind.

b-h-bashaB H Basha, Distributor

This year, with the success of many Hollywood films, not only Hollywood but now Indian distributors too take their films seriously. Hollywood has realised the potential of the Indian market and the reach of their films. In 2017, we will see many big Hollywood franchise films releasing and they have the potential to make it big at our box office. Next year looks even better than this year did!

GauraV rUPARELGaurav Ruparel, Exhibitor

Hollywood has a very strong slate of films lined up for release next year, especially franchises and sequels. Things are really steaming up. The range of their films’ release is now equal to many Bollywood films, in terms of their number of shows and screens.  If they release big Hollywood films, a huge chunk of the film business could come from Hollywood, which could contribute 45 per cent to our movie business if corporate houses released their films in India properly. Keeping this in mind, I feel it is great that not a lot of Hollywood biggies are competing with Bollywood biggies and have strategically planned their releases.

harsh-jainHarsh Jain, Sanman Group, Exhibitor

Hollywood films are definitely giving many of our Hindi films tough competition. This is especially true in the urban market and big cities, where we have a lot of youngsters watching films. This is the case because urban youth are more into Hollywood films than Hindi films. Hollywood films have a huge market in India; some of them are dubbed in Hindi and regional languages and do very well. Last year, we had Disney’s The Jungle Book, which did more business than many big star cast Hindi films. The content coming from Hollywood is top class, which I feel even we should focus on. That’s why filmmakers who are trying to innovate and reinvent are succeeding. We need to make more content-driven films to compete with Hollywood. 


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