Movie Review: Tera Intezaar


Banner: Bageshree Films

Producers: Aman Mehta, Bijal Mehta

Director: Raajeev Walia

Cast: Sunny Leone, Arbaaz Khan

Writers: Raajeev Walia (screenplay), Anwar Khan (story)

Music: Raaj Aashoo

This Sunny Leone-starrer sees the comeback of Arbaaz Khan as a mainstream hero after quite some time. And we wish we could say it was a good thing. 

The so-called story of the film is about Veer (Arbaaz Khan), a painter who draws a picture of his dream girl Raunak (Sunny Leone). They meet and fall in love with a sappy love song playing in the background. Raunak owns an art gallery and presses Veer to sell his work to four shady art dealers, who one day barge into Veer’s house and hurt her. 

Raunak comes out of her behosh state in Veer’s house, which is filled with paintings that look more like pictures printed in A3 size. Raunak pulls out her artificial, ‘shocked’ expression, which she uses throughout the film, and goes on a quest to find Veer who seems to be missing. As she leaves, the four art-dealers-turned-villains enter Veer’s home to steal the paintings. But the alarm system, even better than the one at the Louvre, floods the entire house, without damaging the paintings, and sends the villains into the paintings! Meanwhile, Raunak is still looking for Veer when she comes across her ghost-buster ‘angel’ (Sudha Chandran), who is obviously well-versed in all things voodoo. She immediately figures out that the villains are in the paintings and that they have done something to Veer. 

These villains go from beach to forest to purani haveli to mountain peaks even as all of them get killed, one by one, by an aatma, obviously. The aatma then appears in front of Raunak and solves all her problems too! 

If you don’t completely understand the premise, nobody did. It also means you probably sat through an excruciating hour and 48 minutes. With abundant slow-motion shots, the director has captured every character running, turning, eating, jumping and, at one point, even breathing, managing to stretch time and thus inventing a new form of torture.

The first half of the film establishes the story. In the first 10 minutes, the art thieves who were drowning in a bungalow suddenly find themselves swimming in an ocean inside a painting. If you’ve got past that and are somehow watching the second half, you are headed for a horrific climax which has a completely ludicrous twist. The jumbled flow of the story makes the entire experience worse than it should have been but, in all fairness, even if it was shown in a linear manner, it would not make much of a difference, thanks to the nonsensical script.

Tera Intezaar, written, edited and directed by Raajeev Walia, is ridden with so many flaws that it is difficult to know where to start. The story barely makes any sense and the style is more suited to the over-dramatic ’80s and ’90s rather than 2017. The character sketch of all the roles is extremely weak. 

But let’s talk about the good things now, shall we? The movie goes to a crazy level when it shows the villains, who are in the forest, running from a killer ghost. Suddenly, they take a break to eat mangoes hanging from a tree. And that’s not even the crazy part. While plucking the mangoes, they see one hanging next to them as an invisible entity bites into it, relishing it and giving Katrina Kaif’s aamsutra a complex.

A few minutes down the line, the quartet hear a roaring sound in the forest and one of them asks, “Yeh awaaz kahin suni huyi lagti hai. Kya yeh sher ki awaaz ho sakti hai?” This absurdity goes on as the viewer witnesses things like laughable VFX, paintings turning into plasma screens, irritating influx of unnecessary songs, an LED-lit aatma travelling around the city and, of course, Sudha Chandran as the ghost-buster who is scarier than the actual ghost!

The songs in the movie are many and all of them are badly placed. Two forced love songs on the beach seem to be shot to showcase Sunny Leone’s figure and, maybe, bring back Arbaaz Khan as a romantic hero. The Sexy baby girl item number is another farce as it pops out of nowhere between a business meeting Leone’s character is holding with the others.

Performance-wise, Sunny Leone has fewer expressions in the film than the fingers on one’s hand. The actress is undoubtedly the Sexy baby girl but sadly could not pull off more than that. Arbaaz Khan is known as a smart filmmaker and one wonders what possessed him to green-light a film like this. Arya Babbar makes an appearance after a while and with his superficial accent and overacting, is quite unbearable. Sudha Chandran is another face that was missing from the screen for years but this was a poor choice for a comeback. Other supporting actors like Salil Ankola, Hanif Noyda and Richa Sharma are equally weak.

Verdict: DUD!

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