No Child’s Play

Kids are important in more ways than one. I think kids are important, not only because of Krrish 3 or the movies, but because they are the ones who are going to inherit this world, they are the future.

For them, I think as fathers, we all have to be superheroes. We have to instill the right values and I think the best way to teach them is by example and not by telling them what to do. If you tell them not to do something without giving them a reason, they will never ever learn. You have to give them a reason or teach by example.

Be the kind of person you want them to be and that is what inspires me when I face the camera or when I am going through a life phase which is very difficult. I think, what if Hrehaan or Hridhaan were standing there and watching me? I will have to do what scares me just so that I make them proud of me and teach them that when they face a situation or a demon like this, they have to do what I did. They need to be inspired and I need to inspire them. We need to inspire our children by example.

Not just as a father, but also as an actor, I am very, very blessed that I have the love of children as that love is completely uncontaminated and is completely pure. It is unbiased and it is the best kind of love. Do you know how hard it is to sit in a room with two kids and make them smile or laugh? It is the hardest thing to make a child laugh who doesn’t want to laugh. When I enter a room, I can put smiles on children’s faces wherever I go in the world. That is a blessing and something that I will never ever take for granted. I will always be in gratitude to God for that. I must have done something really nice in my life to deserve this kind of love.

I want to thank all the children for loving me and my films so much and I especially want to thank them for being a part of the success of Krrish 3. As an actor, they have my promise that I will keep working harder and harder to keep receiving this love all my life.

I think Krrish 3 attracted so many of the young audience and kids because it stimulated your imagination. It gave visuals that you have never seen before. It is going to add to their play time where they will include Krrish characters, new devices and a new imagination while they play with their action figures. And also a lot of our children in India have not yet experienced an adventure like that in our language, Hindi. So for us Indians, it is a huge deal to have a superhero like Krrish to believe in and a villain like Kaal that scares them. It teaches them right from wrong.

And I think the essence of Krrish has come through because I have heard a lot of children say that ‘Even I can be Krrish because all I have to do is use whatever my powers are to help someone. And if I help somebody, I am Krrish, I don’t need to fly, I don’t need to jump… all I have to do is go by his values. So when I hear things like that, I know the message of the film has come through.

Krrish has become a symbol for children, and a symbol is bigger than any film, any actor and any individual. Once you can associate a symbol with those values, then that symbol becomes the strongest thing in the world. So Krrish right now has become a symbol. As a matter of fact, I wear his symbol with me as well. Just to remind me when my spirits are down, I look at the symbol and I feel, I can’t feel this way, I have to be Krrish!

And I feel we all need that reminder. I am just very happy that the message of Krrish has come through; we all have Krrish inside of us. Each one of us has that superhero inside of us and we don’t need to fly to prove it but just keep moving forward in life, no matter what comes our way. Live life as a mission and make it the best life possible, no matter what.

So I think we will see a lot of these children grow up to be true Krrishes in their own life and that is something I will be proudest of.

Hrithik Roshan
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