Shudra – The Rising

Based in a bygone era, Shudra– The Rising reflects one of the major ills of the age-old Indian caste system. It focuses on a small group of shudras or outcasts and their plight.A man dies of thirst because he is not allowed to drink water from a lake that belongs to higher caste families; a child is publicity violated for uttering holy mantras; a pregnant woman is forced into physical submission; and a wounded man dies in need of medicine.

Writer-director-producer Sanjiv Jaiswal makes an honest attempt to bring the abhorrent practice to the big screen.Tackling an issue like this is very difficult and to convey the message on the big screen successfully is even tougher. The handling and treatment of the script is good. Though, the story makes an impact in bits and pieces, at times it fails to impress due to its sketchy nature.The tempo in the first half is praise worthy despite a few glitches here and there, the intermission is well-timed, but the pace drops in the second half. The scene where low-caste men decide to take revenge and kill the local Thakurs’ son could have been handled more convincingly. The men are planning to mount a big attack but they talk loudly and screech instead of whispering.However, there are many scenes that are touching and stands out.

The best being, the scene where the low-caste man is beaten to death while standing up for his wife.The dialogue is alright but could have been better. Cinematography is average.Background score is decent. Locations and costumes are apt. Editing is the place where the film falters the most.Performance-wise, Kirran Sharad plays her part well. Mahesh Balraj does justice to his role. Aaref Rajput emotes well but has very little to offer. All the other actors portray their parts with confidence even though they sometimes overact.

Verdict: A certain section of the audience will applaud the film but few will find it difficult to relate to this product.Word-of-mouth may salvage the film from the bumpy ride at the ticket counter.

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As on 20th January, 2018
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