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Sanjay MasoommSanjay Masoomm, Writer

I think honesty always works. Unluckily, I have not seen the movie yet but the feel, the reactions and the box-office success suggest that Lipstick Under My Burkha is, first honest and then a bold attempt. It proves again that good content gets noticed. I don’t think the censor issue influenced the film’s success; the film has done so well purely on merit. We need more films like LUMB.


Milap-ZaveriMilap Zaveri, Writer

I haven’t seen Lipstick Under My Burkha yet but my wife and friends saw it and they loved it. I think the reason it has done so well is because it is such a powerful story. Women are totally embracing it. Many men too who have watched the film are rooting for it… men who are not orthodox in their thinking. Full credit to the director – Alankrita and the actors, Prakash Jha sir and Ekta (Kapoor). Ekta and Balaji deserve a big round of applause, especially their marketing team, who took this up as a mission and they went out, all guns blazing. They not only distributed the film but marketed it so brilliantly and made this film into a national issue.

Also, content along with a good message resonates very strongly with the audience, especially the target audience. Also, the cost of the film is not all that much and that helped the film become such a big success.  It’s not a film that opened very strongly; it’s a film that has done well because of word-of-mouth publicity. Also, I don’t believe controversy helps bring in the audience. The audience will watch a certain film if they really want to anyway. Thus, the censor board banning the film didn’t really add to its appeal. The censor board has a problem with almost every film that releases every alternate week. That can’t become the USP of a film. On the other hand, whoever went in to watch the film on the first day came out saying great things about it and the reviews too were glowing.  Congratulations to the whole team, from Balaji to Prakash Jha Productions.


Devang-Sampat Devang Sampat, Cinepolis

I think two things were at play here. One, whenever people decide to go for a movie, they look at the production house and, with this film, they see ‘Prakash Jha Productions’, which is a reputed name. Then Balaji came on board, which also influenced the movie-goer as it suggested that the film had a meaningful, adult story. It’s not a vulgar adult story; India has an audience for ‘A’ rated content, as long as the film is backed by a quality production house. I think that’s what happened in this particular case.

Prakash Jha Productions and Balaji coming together made a great difference to the film. Then, of course, the movie was positioned very well while the marketing was brilliant. The traditional medium was not used. Small-budget movies require smart marketing to reach out to the right audience and I believe that they positioned the movie well, and eventually word-of-mouth worked. If the content is good, word-of-mouth will work, and that’s what happened with Lipstick Under My Burkha in the first weekend.


59793_rahul-puri-managing-director-mukta-arts-limitedMD, Mukta Arts

Lipstick Under My Burkha is doing very well because of a combination of excellent marketing, topical content and a solid film. The three elements together have      managed to give a small film a big presence and it has survived and outperformed (on a per-screen basis) some much larger movies with bigger budgets. This clearly shows       that audiences will continue to endorse films that they relate to. The publicity reached out to a certain TG and that TG patronised and then gave good feedback, which pushed more and more people to watch the movie. It’s a success because the combination for the film was impressive.   


Rajesh-Thadani Rajesh Thadani, Multi Media Combines, Mumbai 

The controversy over the film could be the reason it worked so well. The controversy created a lot of hype around the film. Also, content is an important factor for business. The subject seems to be attractive and it generated a certain curiosity to watch this film. Even I think there was nothing except this film which really worked and this was an advantage for Lipstick Under My Burkha.


brijesh-tandon-150x150 Brijesh Tandon, H K Tandon & Company, Delhi-UP 

To an extent, shock value and controversy did help this film as is the fact that it is being screened at multiplexes. This women-centric film is gaining a lot of appreciation also due to its bold approach to its content. The fearless subject is attracting a lot of movie-goers, especially women.



Manoj-Desai (1)Manoj Desai, Exhibitor

I think the title contributed significantly to the success of this film. ‘Burkha’ and ‘lipstick’ are contradictory and controversial words. Hence, the title generated curiosity to watch the film. Also, Ekta (Kapoor) is a smart women and has played it very smoothly. Apart from the title, people enjoyed the film because it has strong content too.



debashish dey Debashish Dey, Aum Moviez, West Bengal

The ‘CONTENT’ was awesome and the performances by the four protagonists were fabulous. The story was also a catch because we had a film with a message after quite a while. It was smartly released in that it didn’t go overboard with cinemas and it was marketed very well.



Jaspal-Dhingra-e1445080737301-150x150Jaspal Dingra, Narsimha Enterprises, East Punjab  

Our audience wants to see a different kind of film, irrespective of star cast. And this is an unusual film that stands out from the rest. The hype was great and the film was targeted largely at the online audience which is also a great move for this film. The content was okay but the marketing strategy was outstanding.


Sharang-Chandak Sarang Chandak, Sri Rang Films, CP

I believe it was only the marketing strategy that worked for this film. The content was not up to the mark. The release strategy of this film was good and Balaji did a great job. This is why the film sustained at the box office.




B-H-BashaBH Basha, Bahar Enterprises, Distributor           

The script and story carry a good report. Instead of releasing in limited screens, it did a good job wherever it released. Also, the hype around the film was crafted very well. I would say the censor board only helped the film gain attention. It worked both the ways for this film.


IMG-20170421-WA0005-500x465Manish Singh, CEO, Legend Studios

I think the belief of the filmmaker has worked a lot. The way those four actresses have put their character in front of us without any hesitation is commendable. I think the makers didn’t add unnecessary scenes to sensationalise the film. The content was appropriate and apt.  Also two years back nobody believed in this film but the content was so strong that it connected with the audience. The marketing was fantastic. I believe now is the time that we should stop thinking about anything else except the content that we make.  


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