Take One

Saturated Or Just Starting?

Last week, we carried an extensive data-driven piece on the implications of PVR taking over Cinemax, something that was then a subject of speculation but is now confirmed. With the PVR-Cinemax deal following up on the recent Inox-Fame merger, we

Look Before You Tweet!

“Twitter is not a technology. It’s a conversation. And it’s happening with or without you.”  Charlene Li, Co-Author of Groundswell A couple of days back, the social media networks were abuzz expressing condolences and paying tributes to our beloved Pran

Not A Zero Sum Game

The week that went by saw the release of Jab Tak Hai Jaan (JTHJ) and Son Of Sardaar (SOS) on Tuesday to cash in on the extended Diwali weekend. Of course, this wasn’t just any release of just any two

The Dating Game

Finding the right release date is absolutely crucial for a film’s success

Progress… A Mixed Blessing

Having been in the industry as an actor for over two decades, and having followed it since even earlier thanks to my father, I can say quite categorically that the industry has changed quite massively from what it used to

Legends Never Die

I first met Yash Chopra in 1969 in Delhi. I was still in college but had started assisting Dev saab and it was a chance lunch at the Oberoi in Delhi during one of Dev saab’s visit that I met

The More The Scarier AKA The Pie Is Finite

In our editorial note last week (Logjam At The BO), a week in which seven Hindi films released, we had expressed our apprehension at the detrimental effect of multiple releases.To quote from last week’s note: ‘After all, with close to

Happy Birthday, Mr Bachchan!

Trying to encapsulate the legendary on-going career of Amitabh Bachchan in a 600-word editorial piece to commemorate his 70th birthday is trying to achieve the unachievable. Indeed, scores of books have been written on the various facets of the man

Whatta Quarter!

What began with a bang, ended with a bang and had many bangs in between? Before you start throwing up answers ranging from the pious (Ganesh Chaturthi festivities) to the profane (a pornographic film), let me quickly clarify that I

Compliments Of The Season!

Ecstatic overwhelmed, humbled… I could fill the entire page with the range of emotions that the team has been experiencing ever since our third anniversary issue released last week, prompting a virtual avalanche of compliments. I am sorely tempted to

3 Cheers For 3 Years!

You don’t need to hold a post-graduate degree in physics and mathematics or have spent years poring over Einstein’s theory of relativity to know that ‘time’ is a relative concept. A span of a billion years would be too short

Contrarian Bet, Anyone?

Our industry has often been criticised for exhibiting a certain herd mentality. In droves, filmmakers latch on to the last hit film or star and then try to create multiple clones of that success. While it is easy for outsiders

The ‘A’ Crisis… And A Plea To Behave Like Adults

There is never a dull moment in our business of filmmaking, is there? It’s hard enough trying to somehow make a film and all the while that you are waging this uphill battle, you know that given the success ratio

Exclusive Club Getting Crowded… And We Aren’t Complaining!

A crore’ is a numerical unit unique to India. While the rest of the world rather uniformly deals in thousands and millions and then on to billions and trillions, we Indians, always one to dance to a different drumbeat, go

My Friend, Ashok Mehta

Ashok Mehta’s story is an inspiring tale of someone who transformed from a NOBODY to a LEGEND as a cinematographer … a real legend of Indian cinema. And you become a legend only when your work inspires generations and they

Box Office Blues For Patriotic Films?

On Wednesday, India will celebrate the 65th anniversary of the nation becoming independent

25-Gun Salute For The Hit Man

We live in an era where self-promotion and projection often count for much more than actual performance. And all it takes is the smallest smattering of success or the tiniest bit of public appreciation for the hype machine to go

Mind Your Language

The Hindi film industry likes to think of itself as being synonymous with the Indian film industry

Farewell: The King Of Hearts

From all of us at Box Office India…. we will miss you, Kaka

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Trade Gup

  • Hirani to direct Varun, will also produce the film
  • Dabangg 3 is Salman’s next, to release in 2018
  • Ranveer, Arjun ki entry in Boney Kapoor’s sequel
  • Akshay Kumar’s gesture for his ‘family’
  • Alia Bhatt too busy for Vishesh Films
  • Abhishek Pathak to make directorial debut

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  • Akshay Kumar on blending commerce and entertainment in Pad Man
  • Ravi Kishan packs a punch in Mukkabaaz
  • Dipesh Shah basks in the success of Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye