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  • Us And Them

    If Rip Van Winkle belonged to the Indian film trade fraternity and woke up today after a multi-year slumber, among the many changes in the film business dynamics that would confound him would be the v
  • Level Playing Field

    Our endeavour in this weekly note is to try and explore a variety of subjects, issues and opinions and the general plan is to avoid getting repetitive and allow the passage of time before picking up a
  • Citius, Altius, Fortius

    We started the new year with the hope that the dark clouds that had hovered over the trade in the last few months of 2014 would be dispelled with the turning of the calendar.
  • Un-equated Monthly Installment

    Most of us in the trade have a fair idea of (and if not, a very strong opinion on!) what the best time to release a film is.
  • Scrappy New Year

    I had hoped to use this, the opening editorial of 2015 to strike a bright and chirpy note on the year that has just begun.
  • 14 Of ’14

    And so the year is almost done and dusted, and here we are, bringing out our last issue of 2014.
  • State Of The Union

    Last week’s announcement of Carnival Cinemas acquiring Reliance MediaWorks Ltd’s Big Cinemas chain of theatres marks a significant milestone in the consolidation phase that is underway in the Indian m
  • The Times They Are A-Changin’

    There is no denying it any more – 2014 is turning out to be a rather underwhelming year for the trade.
  • Gap Analysis

    The problem with looking at just the macro picture or the topline is that, sometimes, a seemingly impressive aggregate can disguise the weakness of many of the component parts, a grand façade hiding t
  • Advanced Circuitry

    In our editorial last week (Territory Trajectory, issue dated November 22, 2014), we had examined the relative contribution of each territory to the total domestic box office collections of the Top 10
  • Territory Trajectory

    The fact that different territories contribute in varying proportions to the national box office is hardly breaking news to the enlightened readership of a film trade magazine, and all of us have a fa
  • The Holiday Effect

    For every filmmaker with an under-production or completed film – and in an increasing number of cases, even while deciding on whether or not to green-light a project – the number one question often is