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  • Well Begun Is A Quarter Done?

    Is it just us or is time really racing by?! We had barely finished with post-mortems of 2016 and here we are, well into the second quarter of the year.
  • IPL@10

    April 18, 2008. M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru.
  • Home Ground Advantage?

    The engine that powers the world economy, the mighty superpower that will soon overtake the US as the fulcrum of global geopolitics, the last bastion of communism – whatever else China might have been
  • Unthinking Cap

    On Wednesday, March 15, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah presented the state’s annual Budget in Bengaluru.
  • A Tale Of Two Trajectories

    One trend we have often touched upon on this page is the substantial traction that Hollywood films have gained in the Indian market over the last few years.
  • A Matter Of Timing?

    With last week’s release Rangoon unfortunately not living up to the promise held out by its grand trailer and stellar cast and crew, the length of the film is being pointed at by some as a key factor
  • No Country For Old Men…Or Women?

    For some years now, economic and strategic think tanks at home and abroad have been abuzz with predictions of India rising rapidly as an economic – and by extension, a geopolitical – powerhouse in the
  • Uncommon Wealth Records

    As Dangal’s phenomenal, all-conquering run at the box office draws to a close, now is a good time to take stock of – and marvel at – the spectacular numbers and records achieved by what is now the hig
  • Judge Dread

    India has often been described, not unjustifiably, as a functioning anarchy.
  • Clowning un-Glory

    Dictionaries define the medieval concept of the ‘court jester’ as: ‘a clown or buffoon who is employed by a noble or royal for entertainment; also called fool’.
  • City Scan

    During the course of various studies on this page, we have often seen that while the healthy top line of certain films and the occasional good quarter may sometimes present a decent macro picture, zoo
  • Worst Among Unequals

    In the run-up to the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum that was held last week in Davos, a study highlighting growing inequalities of wealth across the world was released by Oxfam, a global c