“The title is #firstSunday because it was the first Sunday the characters became friends”

Short Film maker Srimanta Sengupta gives a beautiful definition on friendship and tells Box office India the reason behind his take on this short film.

What is the significance of the title of the movie ‘#firstSunday”?

The Title surely has a meaning to it and see the first Sunday of the month of August is Friendship Day and also the other reason is #FirstSunday because it was the first Sunday when the characters became good friends. It is the first Sunday when they all became friends and this is why I thought of keeping this title. So in short, it works in two layers.

What inspired you to come up with a short film like this and any experience from your childhood?

See I will tell you, I belonged and I worked for television for a long time and leaving television has been a year to me. I worked for television for a longer time and I use to make a lot of content. I have prepared content for MTV channel or be it Bindaas, I genuinely felt that the content produced for the Indian television is very shallow and it never provided any sort of depth or substance. I am not saying that television isn’t showing the reality because it does show the reality but the kind of content they are showing the youth looks forward to. There are I mean the youth in our television are always shown in a very shallow manner. There are contents on dating, reality shows and love stories but not much of the content is coming up so that’s what I meant. Most important is that, we are not marking any message to the audience watching it. I always wanted to make different kind of stories and this was one thing that I wanted to make and I really thought this was the story which needed to be told. There are various types of friendship possible and I believed in such stories. These are the kind of stories that are part of life so this is the kind of stuff I always wanted to say and do. I think the older generation needs our help and that there can be beautiful bonding and I genuinely believe in that. To be honest it’s nowhere related to me personally and I believe that I am a keen observer and I observe things that are happening around me. It’s not that something happened to me but this a pure out of fiction but I always felt that there is a lot of connection between us and the older generation.

Do you think today’s advancement in technology and digitization is the reason behind the gap between the old and the young?

I feel that what has happened technology is basically taking us far away from the real world. We feel four people are sitting there and there is no communication because everyone is busy doing something or the other on their cellphones. But technology is not negative and we can use it to create the bonds I feel and that was lacking I felt. This is one way of showing how technology has brought people together so you can see the positive sides too.

why have you only thought of characters which are in their 70s or 80s and not in their 50s. Do you think people of that particular age do not show generation gap?

See, 50s or 60s are the age groups where we at least find it easy to communicate and twenty years back it was difficult to connect with a fifth year old. If I cater to an age of 80s or above I believe that for them the internet is a new thing and a lot of people do not understand about the internet and for them a lot of things are new. If you teach an age group of 50s and 60s they become fascinated, especially my parents and my in-laws and people I know and for them the idea of internet wad very much fascinating. If you consider these days everyone’s parents got more hooked to whats app, video chat with their kids or us. It is because they take it as a way of connecting probably after seeing their kids or young peers. It is just a way of connecting or deciding whether they are going to meet or not. So for them it’s a need and for us it’s a luxury thing and we consider it as a fun thing.

What according to you is the actual reality? Do you think it is the young who feel abandoned or the old?

The old whether we accept it or not, they are abandoned and the generation is becoming lonely and they don’t understand that and see the older generations understands that they are lonely but the younger generation do not understand that they are lonely. That’s what I feel.

Do you think youth nowadays are failing to reach a consensus because of their advanced thoughts?

This is true kind of! In the movie also I have shown a clear generation gap and its increasing and the moment they connect it they realize that it’s easy to work out.

Do you think short films like this will start up with a conversation about the generation gap?

Absolutely! This is one of the reasons I made a short film like this one. I know at least five or six people who could connect with what I was showing to them and I am very much glad that at least I was able to reach out to these five or six people. It was like thumbs up to me. I also felt that whatever I am making, it should not be just a piece a fiction but it should convey a message too and it should connect to people.

What is your upcoming project that you will be working on?

I am currently writing a short film which I am almost ready with and it has again two older generations but the story is completely different here. I am also writing a feature which deals with again a completely different story for the younger generation again with depth.


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