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CwwK-A9VIAAi1WHCan you tell us about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, as actors?

AB: I don’t think we should ever, at least me… I don’t want to talk about strengths and weaknesses because, honestly, what I love about acting is that it is a very unassuming profession and you don’t slot it in terms of strengths and weaknesses. Like, we all know that is our zone. Varun knows that he is a fabulous dancer, he knows that he really has a handle on comedy, and I know that I prefer casual conversations. But the minute we start thinking about that, then that becomes our comfort zone and then we only want to be in that zone.

VD: The truth is, it is very difficult for me to think of her as an actor-actor… That’s the truth.


VD: I don’t know. I know there’s a camera rolling, and we are acting, and we are playing parts. It’s not that I ever feel that ‘Yeh Alia nahin kar sakti.’ I know she will do anything that is given to her. Why can’t she do it? She better do it. It’s a very weird thing, I can’t explain it. Like, you better damn well do it, otherwise why are you here? And I know you can do it. So don’t fool me or don’t fool people by saying it’s going to be hard for you. In my head, she should do everything.

AB: It’s a debate. I have people telling me that ‘apne yeh bohut ache se kiya.’ But I say, that’s the job. Ache se nahin karungi then what’s the point being an actor?

Both of you are industry kids and were born into the film business. Do you discuss the film business with each other?

VD: No, she doesn’t discuss it.

AB: And people who are not industry kids also have the same conversations.

VD: Today, information is so easily available, it is no longer the preserve of industry kids or people. Everyone discusses it and everyone knows what’s going on because it is available on the Internet. Having said that, everyone on social media is not a trade person.

AB: Every ninth person today looks at first-day figures and discusses how much a film can grow on Saturday and Sunday.

VD: And every ninth person is
listening to what these people are saying, that the opening will be this and so and so…

AB: 90 per cent of the time, they are inflated, so we don’t even go by that.

Badrinath Ki DulhaniaDoes it annoy you?

AB: There are some things we can’t control but I think our main thing is that the film should be loved.

VD: This exhibitor, Akshay Rathi, wrote this really nice article on how we should probably not give out figures. From the first or second day itself, people start discussing a film’s figures, and only if the film makes `100 crore do they think, ‘Oh, this is a great film and we should go now.’ Why are we giving out figures? Figures are relevant only to the people making the film. So why show off these figures? All people need to know is whether the film did well or not.

AB: We can gauge that by seeing how much love that film has got. That lives on, love lives on.  No matter what people say, people are still talking about Humpty, not because of Badri but they still talk about it for a reason. After a few years, people are going to forget how much money Humpty made or didn’t make; they will remember the film and the characters.

VD: Earlier, there used to be just percentages, no figures. Like so-and-so film took a 30 per cent opening… that was much better. But now you know the exact number of crores and that too EVERY DAY. This is too much! And random people are writing these things. It’s so annoying. But I am sure it’s more annoying for you all than for us.

AB: True, it takes the fun out of things and we can do nothing about it.

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