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Well Done, Team SPE

It has been a double celebration at Sony Pictures Entertainment, India, with back-to-back successes of Baby Driver and Spider-Man: Homecoming, which released a week apart. While the former turned out to be a sleeper hit for the studio, powered by a limited release plan and word-of-mouth screenings, Spider-Man: Homecoming went on to set new records at the Indian box office and turned out to be the biggest weekend opener for the studio in the country.

Here are the records the movie has set: Biggest-ever Sony Pictures Entertainment opening in India; biggest-ever Spider-Man opening in India; India stands as the second-biggest Spider-Man: Homecoming opening in Asia and the 7th biggest Spider-Man: Homecoming opening in all markets outside the US; biggest-ever non-holiday opening for a Marvel superhero film in India; biggest-ever standalone superhero film opening; biggest non-holiday Hollywood opening in 2017; and 2nd biggest Hollywood opening in 2017. Congratulations, Vivek Krishnani and Team!

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