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‘It was party time!’

Choreographer Vijay Ganguly chose to assist Anurag Basu for the film Jagga JasoosBut as luck would have it, Ganguly also got a chance to work with choreographer Ruel Dausan Varindani for the song Galti se mistake. Here’s Ganguly in conversation with Rohini Nag Madnani about Basu, Kapoor and the song

Big Break

I have been a part of the industry for a really long time. This is surely the biggest break I could have asked for. My father Anil Ganguly was a filmmaker and I have worked in the industry as a child actor in some of his films. As a choreographer, I was a part of Shiamak Davar’s troupe but I was always interested in filmmaking and wanted to become a director.

Keeping It Real

Dada (Anurag Basu) believes in keeping things simple and there are a lot of impromptu changes that happen on the sets. This film is one-of-a-kind for the Hindi cinema as it is a musical and has 27 songs. In the film, the characters talk and move according to cues from the music and hence I could give my best as I have a background in choreography. The film is a team effort and dada is one of the few directors who is always open to suggestions from his team.

On Anurag Basu

My sister Rupali Ganguly knows dada and she referred me to him. At the time, he was doing a television commercial and he called me to assist him. That was the first time I met him. I have always been keen on assisting him as I believe he has the same style of filmmaking as my father. He is one of the most genuine and nicest persons in the industry. After doing the commercial with him, I was waiting for him to start Jagga Jasoos but since that took some time, I took up another project. Finally, he called me and we began shooting for the film.

On Galti Se Mistake

This song, just like every other song from the film, has a different flavor. Working on the song was nothing less than a party for us as the mood that was set while doing the song was relaxed and yet quirky. In fact, dada, Ruel and I, we all choreographed the song, in a way. Dada told me about Ruel and said the kind of dance he does is the kind he wanted for this song, and hence we worked with him on this number.

On Ranbir Kapoor

He is a dream to work with. He has no airs about being Raj Kapoor’s grandson or being Rishi Kapoor’s son or just the fact that he is Ranbir Kapoor. When he was with the team, he was just one of the guys. He is such a natural actor and he knows how to turn that switch on and off when in front of and behind the camera. He is one of the most refined dancers as well, in terms of learning steps and picking up from the choreographers. 

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