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‘Laden’ With Stories

Tere Bin Laden director Abhishek Sharma had no intention whatsoever of directing a sequel but that was before Osama Bin Laden was killed!

On the TBL spinoff

I had not planned on making a sequel. After the first film released, the media mentioned a sequel. But I started working on other films. Then, in 2011, the news of Osama’s death broke and there was ‘news’ that there was little chance of making a sequel. That’s when I decided to make a spinoff to Tere Bin Laden. So, in 2012, along with my writers, I started writing the script.

On the story

The spinoff is about the news of Osama being killed but no one had seen his body and there was never any proof. So one terrorist organisation in my film says that Osama is alive and they get funding. That’s how the story starts.

A tough journey

Getting a producer was never difficult for me but shooting the second film was. It was a tough journey. First, it needed a lot of research and even when we were shooting, we faced several issues. It took us altogether four years to complete the film. We were shooting in Wai and then we recreated Abbottabad at Film City. Now that the trailer has released, one forgets what we went through to make the film.

Second coming

I would say the spinoff is much more polished. I took my own time for the VFX and editing. I kept going back to the editing room till I was satisfied. The casting is wide, we have many more characters and all of them are wonderful actors. The comedy also has a new feel; it’s not one of those run-of-the-mill comedies. The satire is different and new to Hindi films. Although the sequel takes off where the first part ended, people who have not watched the first instalment will enjoy the sequel. This film has several sub-plots.

On casting

The second part needed a new face so we cast Manish Paul and a few more actors. Sugandha Garg, Piyush Mishra and Pradhuman Singh have been repeated from the first part. In fact, Ali Zafar will be seen doing a special cameo in the second film.

On being nervous

I was very nervous when my first film released. The TBL sequel was to be my second film but it took a long time to complete the film and I was very nervous about whether the audience would take to it. Since the trailer has released, I am happy with the response I am receiving.

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