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“An editor can define the fate of a film”

From working at a Pizza joint to editing films, Pranav Dhiwar is a self-made Bollywood professional. Before he landed Dabangg, he did a crash course in film editing and was lucky to land a job as an editor soon enough


Like any other kid, I was confused about what I would do after I finished school. I was not interested in studying, so I dropped out of college and got myself a job at a pizza joint. I grew bored after a year. Then I bumped into a friend who was working as an editor at a studio. I immediately got interested and enrolled for a six-week crash course in editing. And soon I landed a job at Quality Cine Labs and worked there for three years. Thereafter, I became a freelance editor and worked extensively in the television industry.

First project

My first project as an independent editor was Dabangg. I had edited a film called Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta before Dabanggbut it released later.

Turning point

Dabangg was definitely a turning point because the film went on to become a blockbuster.

On Abhinav Kashyap

Our relationship goes back to a time when we used to work in the television industry. Whenever we spoke about editing films, he would jokingly say that he would only work with his bhabhi (Aarti Bajaj, Anurag Kashyap’s ex-wife). I used to laugh it off and would tell him that we would work together some day.

I distinctly remember when Abhinav told me that he was making Dabangg and that too with Salman Khan, I was really happy for him but really sad for myself! The film was going on the floors but I was not a part of it.

But as luck would have it, Abhinav asked me to cut a promo, for the film. Everyone loved my work and after a couple of days, he offered me the film.

Working with Abhinav is always fun. We debate, we fight but somehow we manage to get things right.

Characters help

It is the character that guides you through the film. If the character and the story work for everyone, then it’s a lot easier to work on the screenplay.

Editor’s job

An editor is very crucial to defining what can happen to a film. All good editors have the power to visualise a script. Their point of view could be refreshing and devoid of personal attachment or indulgence.

The script counts

It may sound funny but I select a project if the script puts me to sleep or bores me to death. However, it should have lovely characters and a decent storyline. I like a screenplay that’s haywire and the story fails to unfold. Only then do I feel that it is challenging enough. That is where I think I come in.

Future projects

As of now I am working on Besharam with Abhinav Kashyap.

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