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“The Song Seeped Into My Body And Mind”

Ace playback singer and performer Sukhwinder Singh talks to Titas Chowdhury about his latest song Kar har maidaan fateh from Sanju, his love for music and more…

He’s happiest when he’s belting out emotionally intense numbers. Now vocalist Sukhwinder Singh is back with Kar har maidaan fateh from Sanju. Talking about the latest chartbuster that is a celebration of hope and struggle, he says, “It is a musically rich song that is very well-composed and well-written. I really enjoyed singing it.” Brimming with joy, he adds, “I am lucky that I have always received opportunities to sing very good songs. I am being flooded with a lot of phone calls. This last happened to me when I had sung Jai ho.”

Taking us back to the time when he was offered the song, he says, “The credit goes to the music director Vikram (Montrose). Raju (Rajkumar) Hirani gave Vikram the liberty to choose a lyricist and a singer. He narrated the script to Vikram and the lyricist Shekhar (Astitwa) initially. Vikram said to me that the day he got an opportunity to make a song for Sanju, the first name that came to his mind was mine. It was Vikram’s first big break and he chose to work with me.”

Thrilled about collaborating with Hirani, Singh states, “The very polished directors in the industry have a special quality. They give a lot of freedom to everyone working with and under them. Raju Hirani has that quality. He sets you free. I recorded the song in two hours. But he was there with us throughout the process of composition. He is a very humble person and a thorough gentleman.”

About what excited him about the song, Singh reveals, “I was given a narration of the entire script. Raju actually gave me two narrations. One was the story of the film and the other was the reason for making this film. That is why it was easy for me to sing. He put the entire film into my body and mind. When I finally recorded it, the right mood began to reflect in my voice.”

Despite working in the industry for nearly two decades, he is always excited about the songs he is working on at any given point. “I believe in singing every song with passion. I don’t think I have ever sung a song half-heartedly. Even now, whenever I get an opportunity to sing, I feel very excited. I am very happy because I am getting the opportunity to sing some very good songs.” He adds, “I think music all the time. Music is like my Valentine.”

Commenting on working with Shreya Ghoshal yet again, Singh remarks, “Shreya is a very good singer. This is a male voice-oriented song, but Shreya’s voice stands out. She is a very melodious singer. She is the best female singer that we have.”

Shedding some light on the industry, he says, “There is a saying that the world is known for special people and special people are very few. We have very few composers and lyricists who are geniuses. The rest is a crowd.”

Having seen the changes in the Hindi music industry up close, Singh ponders, “These days, a lot of technology is incorporated while making music. Earlier, when I sang Chaiyya chaiyya for A R Rahman, he used to use a lot of technique in his songs. Despite this, his songs sounded very natural. Today, 90 per cent vocalists use auto-tune.”

He further remarks, “There is a big crime taking place in the Hindi music industry. Old songs that are remixed and recreated today do not carry the names of the original composers. This really hurts me. This is extremely shameful.”

Hinting at his upcoming projects, Singh says, “I am singing for Vishal Bharadwaj’s next. He is a genius composer. He appreciated me so much after I recorded the first song that he requested me to sing another one. I have recorded for Thugs Of Hinduston too. I have also sung for Zero. It is a lovely song. You get to hear a line of the song in the film’s teaser. It has generated a lot of interest and intrigue among people. Ajay and Atul have composed the music for both Thugs Of Hindustan and Zero. They are brilliant! Another album that is lined up is Abhishek Chaubey’s next film whose music has been composed by Vishal.”


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