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“The workshop helped me feel the emotions”

Rashi Khanna, whose film Madras Café is yet to release; but Khanna has already created a buzz by her performance in the trailer. Here is a small chat with the actress


I hail from Delhi and always wanted to get into advertising, especially copy writing. But while I was in college, I was picked up by Elite model agency. They asked me to do some photo shoots for magazine covers. When I did appear on the cover of a leading magazine, I was shocked and thrilled. I was modelling while in college to earn some money. After college, I landed a job in an advertising agency in Delhi but I got a call from Elite again, advising me to move to Mumbai for at least six months. They were very confident of me.

Mumbai Calling

I am a very family-oriented person and was not ready to move to a city far from family. But a friend of mine and Elite said I should give films a try. After I moved to Mumbai, I got an ad film within two months. The casting director had liked my work and, when he was casting for Madras Café, he called me for and audition.

On Madras Cafe

I auditioned for Madras Café even though I felt I didn’t stand a chance as I had no experience in acting. Then, one day, I received a call from Shoojit, saying I had been chosen for Ruby’s character.

Getting Into The Character

Shoojit made me do workshops and take acting classes. He is very real and there is no drama. He is clear about what he wants and wanted me to get into the character. I had to understand the nuances of filmmaking. The workshop helped me feel the emotions. Since I don’t have a husband in the Army, how would I feel those emotions? These are little things I learn from Shoojit during the workshops. He believed in me more than I did in myself!

On John Abraham

Who doesn’t like John? Shoojit said I might be a fan of his but the moment the cameras roll, we are all just the same. John was very humble and very helpful.

On Shoojit Sircar

I realised Shoojit loves working with newcomers. He loves to nurture them and they don’t come with baggage.

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