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“He’s somebody who leads the ship too”, shares Anupriya Goenka on working with the actor

In a recent interview with an online portal, Anupriya Goenka opened up about her first experience working with Hrithik Roshan on the sets of WAR and how she had a fangirl moment when she first met him.

Anupriya shared, "The second day if I’m not wrong, I met Hrithik, that day my jaw just dropped! With Hrithik, I had this complete fangirl thing. And he was very sweet to come and talk. He had read about Aditi’s character so he had certain things to say, as to how we can create a graph for her. So that was really inspiring for me and made me feel very involved. Hrithik is more like a mentor because he has that aura about him. He’s somebody who leads the ship too. He is a perfectionist and looks at the whole film as a unit, not just his own character."

Not only his co-star but the whole world is going gaga over Hrithik's unbelievable transformation into Kabir from Anand Kumar that too within a time frame of two months. The actor has been receiving praises as both his movies have performed extremely well at the box office and have received critical acclaim for the same.  

Recently, the actor shared the transformation video which had broken the internet within no time and inspired all of his fans across the world and the fellow fraternity actors.

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