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“Humsafar Came To Me As Promise”

Akhil Sachdeva talks about his debut song Humsafarand his transition from performer to playback singer

Akhil Sachdeva took the first steps in his music career when he became the lead vocalist of his Sufi rock band, Nasha seven years ago. Sachdeva has now made his debut as a playback singer with Humsafar from Badrinath Ki Dulhania. “I started doing music because it made me very happy. I would even go so far as to say that music chose me.”

Sachdeva says that Humsafar came as a promise to him. “I was at a friend’s place and Shashank Khatian heard my song there. He promised me that he would use the song in Badrinath Ki Dulhania. This was almost two years ago. Then, as soon as the film was made, he called me and said the song was in the film.”

The singer says the song was used without any changes. He adds that it very aptly brought out the chemistry and situation between Badrinath and his dulhania. “The song was used as it is; there were a few changes only in the arrangement. If you listen to Humsafar, it’s exactly what the film is all about.”

Revealing that the lyrics of the song were inspired by his own experiences, the singer-composer is confident that Humsafar has the potential to become the love song of the year. “The song has received 8 million views and it’s only a few days since it was launched. I am constantly getting calls and messages from people appreciating the song. Humsafar is a very simple and straightforward song. I have given my heart to it in terms of writing
and singing.”

Saying he is extremely lucky to get a break with this film, he remarks, “I don’t think everybody gets a chance to write lyrics, sing and compose a song in one go. Also, the song has been used in such a big film and it is already a hit.”

Rewinding a little, he says he has always been drawn to singing and performing on stage but, he admits, the transition from live performer to playback singer was challenging. “I am more of a stage artiste and am used to enjoying the freedom to sing exactly as I want to. Humsafar is my debut and it is just the beginning. I will grow and stay in this music industry.”

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