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“I am not prolific, that’s just my style”

Asin on her next release Housefull 2 and more

You were offered Housefull 1 but you couldn’t do it. With the prequel becoming a hit, was it easier to sign Housefull 2?
Partly yes! Housefull was an enjoyable film and I thought it would be nice to be part of the franchise. Also, both the Sajids (Nadiadwala and Khan) have a good track record with commercial mainstream cinema.

This is your first multi-starrer where you share screen space with other actresses.
I don’t consider myself so hi-fi that I can’t work with any other actress. I’m very easy-going. For me, it was a new experience to work with other actresses and I thought it would be a nice experience. I’m a secure person and don’t have issues with other people. In fact, we four girls formed our own girl gang and shared each our joy. We are even on each other’s BBM and are still in touch with each other, even though the film was completed a long time ago.

Among all the girls, I guess I bonded most with Jacqueline (Fernandez). We had a lot of scenes together and we both hate each other in the film.

What was it like working with Akshay Kumar?
Contrary to popular belief that he is a prankster, he didn’t play any pranks on me. He was very cordial and jovial with everyone. He had everyone in splits. He would get sadistic pleasure in seeing Jacqueline and me fighting in the film. (Laughs)

Why do you take long breaks between films?
Everyone asks the same thing… That’s just my style of working. Even down South, I am not very prolific. I do a film only when I feel I will be comfortable with the set-up and other members of the team. I don’t have to do films to pay my bills nor am I insecure to think that out of sight is out of mind.

What is the difference between a Sajid Khan brand of comedy and Aneez Bazmee brand of comedy?
Both are very commercial masala entertainers. But Ready actually prepared me to work in a crazy film like Housefull 2. Also, I am very much a director’s actor. So if my director has a particular vision for his film, I have no hang-ups following him. I’m concentrating on the commercial space right now.

You came from the South Indian film industry but you are doing fewer films there. Why is that?
I think I have done my share of films in the South and I have built a body of work there. Now I want to explore the new industry that I have entered. The South would not now excite me unless it’s something very different.

Which are your forthcoming films?

Exactly three months after Housefull 2 releases, I have Bol Bachchan releasing with Abhishek Bachchan, Ajay Devgn directed by Rohit Shetty.

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