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“I enjoyed emoting for my role”

As Simmba continues to roar at the box office actor Siddharth Jadhav talks to Bhakti Mehta about his experience with the film, his role, and blockbuster director Rohit Shetty

On The journey to simmba

2018 was a very interesting and amazing year for me. In January 2018, a Marathi film of mine released, Ye Re Ye Re Paisa. Rohit Shetty sir had launched the music of that film. During that launch, I had met him. In February, I got a call from sir. I went to meet his assistant Vidhi ma’am. She is the casting director and she said that Rohit sir wanted me to do a role in Simmba. I was already excited about the film as it had Ranveer Singh sir and the release date was locked. When I went to the office, I saw that there was a working sheet of the movie. It had pictures of Ranveer Singh, Ashutosh Ranaji, Vijay Patkarji and me. They had already decided who would be part of the core team of Simmba.

On The Role

I had lost some weight at the time and Rohit sir asked me to put on a few kilos. During Comedy Circus, I had played the character of Singham, which had gone viral. Rohit sir said that was the look he wanted for this character. Then I went to Parulekar sir, who trained me for about a month. After that, shooting started.

My first shot was with Ranveer Singh, the scene where I am showing him around the police station. It set the tone for the character and we became comfortable with each other. Rohit sir didn’t say anything about how the scene was at the time. Later, he said that since last working with me in 2005 in Golmaal, I had grown as an actor. It was a huge compliment.

I did not have to work on the character a lot and that is the beauty of it. Every aspect of the character, be it the mood, his emotions, his humour, everything was already there. Rohit sir and the writers had already worked on how they wanted Santosh Tawde to be.

On The Director

Every scene is a challenge when you are working with Rohit sir. He is a blockbuster director. When we go on the sets, the scene we are going to do has already been shot with his assistant and ready for us to view on his laptop. So, when we are on the set, the mood of the scene and everything is done. All we have to do is get our act together. That is the challenge and a different exercise for any actor.

The credit for all the praise I am getting for this role goes to Rohit sir because he ensures that along with the hero all the other characters are also seen. I have said this many times before as well that on a Rohit Shetty film set every character and everyone is a superstar.

Whenever Rohit sir used to take a shot, Ranveer sir and I used to say ‘dada ke jalwe’. Rohit sir is our dada and the entire world is seeing his glory.

On The Co-Stars

Ranveer Singh is a good actor and he encourages his co-actors to do their best too. The chemistry with him worked very well. He is a very down-to-earth person despite being a superstar. He is a serious actor and working with him was a joy.

Sara is a sweet girl and has become a media favourite. She is exactly as you see her. She is a director’s actor and shewill go a long way.

On The Response

All the characters around Simmba are being praised, including mine. Not just the media, but wherever I go, from autorickshaw drivers to whoever I meet have liked me in the film. I received this kind of recognition and love for my work in Marathi films. Movies like De Dhakka, Me Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy and Jatra made me a recognisable face among the Marathi audience.

In Bollywood, I had done Golmaal and City Of Gold. After that, Simmba in 2018. And I am getting the same kind of love for this as I got for my Marathi films. It is a happy feeling that people who had seen me on Comedy Circus, and other TV shows now like me as Santosh Tawde.

Future Projects

So much has happened in 2018 and I don’t know what 2019 has in store for me. All I can say is that whatever I do, I will do it with complete dedication.

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