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“I had to be true to the period of the film”

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story is scoring victory at the box office. Apart from Sushant Singh Rajput the film also had a good team who added their own values to it. Soumita Sengupta spoke to cinematographer Sudheer Palsane who made the film look grand with his camera skills. Without him the film wouldn’t be what it is. Over to him:

The response
The response so far is outstanding. In fact it’s overwhelming that people are loving the film so much. India is a cricket loving nation and we are glad that everyone loved this film.

On the brief
The brief kept evolving with discussions, opinions, costume trials, location recces, choices that were being made with every element of property. He wanted to show Dhoni’s life on big frame and it was an untold story so with every scene we progressed. One brief from Neraj Pandey was that he wanted me to be true to the period of the film.

On meeting Dhoni
It was wonderful meeting Dhoni. He has a very positive presence. Though there was not much to do as research I followed my director’s vision.

On shooting
Had fun shooting cricket scenes. It was different from what I have done before. ..

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