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“It was tough to shed the ‘folk singer’ tag”

Hailing from a musical family, Keerthi Sagathia has a lot to prove. He hit the jackpot with Delhi Belly, for which he sang three songs. More recently, his song Mujh Mein Tu from Special 26 made it to top of the charts.


My father Karsan Sagathia is my inspiration and my mother too, who has always encouraged me to sing. Music is inbuilt in me. Luckily, I chose my passion as my career. Music is all I know.

Playback Break

My dad is a well-known folk singer and folk singing runs in my blood. Thus, when I was struggling as a playback singer, music directors assumed I could only sing folk. Proving them wrong was difficult. It was because of composers like Ranjit Barot, Ram Sampath and others, who gave me jingles to sing, that I was able to prove my versatility.

Solo Project

My first solo break came in 2011 with Delhi Belly, for which I sang three songs, each of them different from the others. People still don’t believe that Nakkadwale disco, Switty switty and I hate u like (disco fighter) were sung by the same person.

Turning Point

Delhi Belly was the turning point of my career. I had an opportunity to sing three different songs for the film, and that too with a huge cast. Not only the film, the songs too became hits and bought me recognition.

Special 26

I got a call from Neeraj Pandey’s office to meet him. As I arrived there, music composer MM Kareem saab asked me to sing a few lines of Mujh mein tu and that was it! They immediately gave me a CD and asked me to be prepared for the song. It was the first time I had directly interacted with the director of a film. Usually, you sing a song but you don’t know which film it is for.

I’m aware that this song was promoted as Akshay Kumar’s song but it didn’t hurt me, in his interviews, Akshay Kumar has said, ‘Jis singer ne yeh originally gaya hai, unhone bahut khubsoorti se gaya hai.’ It’s a huge compliment. Many people don’t know that Akshay Kumar’s version has my voice too. Secondly, that was a promotional video.

Changing Scenario

With every passing day, new talents are emerging and those new talents are giving other new talents a chance. But the competition is razor-sharp. However, if you have talent, this industry will recognise you. Earlier, one singer used to sing three songs in a film but now, there are ten singers in a single film. With so many singers, it is difficult to identify the singer.

Future Projects

There are a few projects in the pipeline but I will wait for the producer and directors to announce them.

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