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“Sajid Khan would lose his head about our friendship”

Jacqueline Fernandez on Housefull 2 and more

Tell us about your role in Housefull 2?

I play this girl who comes from a joint family and we hate the extended members of the family. My father wants me to marry a guy whom he thinks is great. We are basically competing with the extended family, where everyone tries to get their daughter married first. Unfortunately, we get stuck with con artists and that is how we all end up in this huge house and everyone is confused because all the con artists have the same name, Jolly. The film is a no-brainer. To tell you the truth, even I didn’t understand the story.

I had no narration, no idea about the role. There are certain films you just want to be part of. I was called to be paired opposite John Abraham, at par with Asin. When I got the call, I was, like, “Yes! Yes! I’m doing the film.”

Every day, when I went to the sets, I didn’t know what my scenes were. I didn’t know what I was doing. I am now slowly understanding the plot.

Your first two films were with Riteish Deshmukh. And then in Houseful too, you did an item song with Riteish. Now Housefull 2 again features you both. But he’s not cast opposite you…

I know! I miss Riteish. In fact, I have got offers where people come up to me and say, “We are thinking of casting you and Riteish together in the film…” I’m actually haunting Riteish!

What was it like working with John Abraham?

He’s very cool to work with. He’s got an intelligent sense of humour. He also has a lot of knowledge. Like whenever we would play word games on the sets, he would always win. And none of us expected that.

What was it like working with the other girls in the film?

I know Zarine Khan and Shazahn Padamsee on a social level. But Asin was a surprise. She is very chilled out and down to earth. My first scene was with her, where we were supposed to have a cat fight. I didn’t know how to do it, I was so doubtful and reserved. Things like.. should I touch her or not kept cropping up in my mind. But thankfully, it went really smoothly.

In fact, Sajid (Khan) would lose his head about our friendship. He really had to struggle to make us fight in the film since she and I would end up giggling on most occasions.

What is the difference between Sajid Khan the director and Sajid Khan the person?

No difference. He is very honest, not afraid of the truth and very dignified. There is no other side to him. Also, he never influences my decision when I choose a film. It is very important that I take my own decisions.

You entered the industry with a ‘sweet image’ in Aladdin and Jaane Kaha Se Ayi Hai. Then you changed your image with Murder 2. Now you are back to being this ‘sweet girl’. Was that deliberate?

We are in a very competitive industry and it is very important to have that shock value in terms of a film or a role. I think the audience gets bored very easily and it is therefore important to keep them guessing. Murder 2 was out of my comfort zone. I was very hesitant about the film. I didn’t know how people would take it, whether people back home would like it or not. I just thought I had the chance to take a risk. So I took it, hoping it would pay off. And I think it did.

But the things didn’t go down very well with Mukesh Bhatt after you opted out of Raaz 3?

I signed Raaz 3 even before Murder 2 had released and neither the role nor the character had been discussed. The minute we began discussing these things, it was clear we weren’t on the same page. And the last thing you want to do is something you aren’t comfortable with. It was very mutual and Mukesh Bhatt is the kind of person who would say, “If you’re not comfortable, don’t do it. I’ll find someone else.” I knew I would have faced some problem at some point while of the film. So I thought of stepping out. Regardless of what the media said, I know that if I ever bump into him again, he would welcome me with open arms and invite me to a cup of tea or coffee. I owe him a lot.

Were you approached for Krissh 3?

I was signed on for the film. It was just bad luck that I couldn’t juggle my dates. I was going to work on Murder 2, Krissh 3 and Housefull 2. All the films had an international crew and everyone was trying to work out dates. I had to take a tough call and I opted out of the film. It was sheer bad luck.

The reports about me not wanting to do the film because of a kissing scene or wearing revealing clothes are not true. It is a family film.

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