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“Success is defined by your own goals”

From playing live songs on stage, composing music and then songwriter,Sachinn Gupta has done it all. Mere Dad Ki Maruti is the latest feather in his cap.


I spent my childhood in Nigeria, where we used to watch a lot of Hindi films. I remember how much I enjoyed dancing to Mithun Chakraborty’s disco songs. After we moved to India, one of my first memories here was being gifted a guitar by my mom. It was bigger than I was! That’s when I actually started learning music.

Music As A Career

In school and college, I was very active on the music scene. Later, a band called Mrigya spotted me and asked me if I wanted to join them. We did around 500 concerts all over the world.

First Break In Bollywood

I was performing in London, when Kumar Taurani spotted me. After the concert, he asked if I also made my own songs. When I said I did, he asked me to present a few of them to him once I got back to India. I came up with a tune called Doorie. Kumar ji loved it and asked Pakistani singer Atif Aslam to sing the tune and the song became a hit overnight.

First Solo Project

My first project as a composer was Dil Kabaddi, which wasn’t much of a hit. After that, I did Prince, which became a massive hit. That’s when people started noticing my work.

Work in Bollywood

A lot depends on what you want. If you’re content with working on four to five films a year, it’s easy. But if you want one film every month, it’s difficult. Our industry has lots of work and we have multiple composers working on a single film. There is no dearth of work; it all depends on what you want.

Turning Point

The turning point of my career was Prince, which made me a recognisable face in the industry. There was a long period after that when I had no work and then Mere Dad Ki Maruti came along. This film was another turning point because after this project, I landed many offers.

On Mere Dad Ki Maruti

I had emailed Ashish Patil from Y Films who listened to my songs and asked me to meet him. The best part about Yash Raj is, if they like your work, meeting them is not difficult. Patil explained the kind of music he wanted and we started working on it.

Since the film is based in Chandigarh, we needed peppy Punjabi numbers. Also, since I had a background in fusion and rock music, he asked me to mix it up. Kumar, the lyricist, is a hardcore Punjabi and very talented. So we created the music as a team. We had to use the word ‘Maruti’ in the song, which was the toughest part.

Future Projects

While working on Mere Dad Ki Maruti, I landed the Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 title track, where I had all three Deols singing together. That was a great achievement. I was struck by Dharmendra’s energy, which is more than many young people have! I also have Issaq and one untitled project.

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