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“Talent is being recognised for what it is”

You may remember him from the popular remix video of the song Nahi nahi…abhi nahi grooving with Ayesha Takia in an elevator. Since then, Keith Sequeira has been dabbling with television as a VJ and is gearing up to set the silver screen afire with his debut film Sixteen


I was born and raised in Delhi, after which I went to London for my studies and then I moved to Mumbai for work.

First Break

My stint as a VJ was effortless and came my way through a simple audition for B4U channel. During those days, VJs were very popular as it was a new concept. I guess the audience liked my way of talking on screen because of which I kept getting more and more projects.

Being a VJ

Being a VJ came quite naturally to me. It’s the kind of space where you need to be real and effortless. Moreover, it’s your personality and effervescence that makes you likeable or watchable. I’m the kind of guy who likes to keep things simple and fun.


I needed to be fairly sure that the first role I essayed showcased my acting skills. I have done a lot of theatre and it was important to me. I wanted to do something that made people notice me.

Changing Scenario

It’s not that I had not tried my luck in the industry earlier but people weren’t as open then. A lot has changed since then and talent is being recognised for what it is. Also, people are looking to experiment with filmmaking and budgets, and meaningful cinema is also coming into its own. Hence, exciting times are ahead for filmmakers and cinema-goers too. All credit to cinema-goers who want more and varied choices.

On The Film Sixteen

The casting director, who was also an assistant director on the film, approached me for the role. After a few meetings with Raj Purohit, the director of the film, I quite liked the idea. The crux of the film is about lost innocence and teenage heartache in urban India.

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