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“Working With Animation Is Like Slowing Down Time”

Arnab Chaudhuri tells us why animation excites him


I grew up drawing and sketching and this led me to the National Institute of Design, where I studied animation and graphic design.


Arjun – The Warrior prince

I wanted to do a big action movie. When the offer came, I was working in Hong Kong but I jumped at it. Arjun – The Warrior Prince was perfect for a big action story. The subject had already been decided and I moved back to India to take up the project.


Mythological Characters

I don’t recall ever watching an animation film on Arjun. This is probably the first one. The thing with mythology is that it has a huge advantage as the audience has a connection to the stories.

Pros And Cons Of Directing An Animation Film

The hardest part is creating a world that the audience can immerse themselves in. With animation, there is no starting point. You start with zero. Every last detail, down to the last blade of grass, has to be inserted to be believed.

Directing An Animated Movie

For starters, everyone shows up on time and there are no tantrums! However, with animation, the process is very, very slow and it takes a while for results to show. It’s like slowing down time to a very slow pace and examining every second over many days.

International Market V/s Indian Market

Our market is still very nascent. In the West, the animation industry is as old as that of live action cinema. Having said that, we have had six mainstream box-office releases of local animation products this year, and there are not many countries around the world that can boast of that.


Future Projects

We have a sequel written for Arjun – The Warrior Prince, and you should hear more about it in the coming months.

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