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“Your writing must connect with your emotional state”

Himanshu Sharma moved to the city of dreams, to make a career in the film industry. To carve a niche as a writer, he had to first begin as an assistant director.


I moved to Mumbai in 2004 and started assisting. There was no real struggle but I guess everyone has their own share of problems finding a job. Today, the industry is more open to new talents.

First Break

I started by assisting on a Balaji television show but I didn’t enjoy it. It was then that I met director Anand L Rai. We worked on a project but that did not materialise. I was jobless for a while. But soon I got a job as an assistant director with Yash Raj Films. I worked as second assistant director on Tashan but didn’t enjoy that either. Frankly, I wasn’t even good at it.

Writing Break

In 2008, I started writing Tanu Weds Manu, which Anand loved. I finished with it in mid-2008 and we started pitching it to producers and actors. We approached many actors and actresses but Kangna Ranaut loved the script and she agreed to the film. Actually, she was the only actor who said ‘yes’ instantly.

Post Tanu Weds Manu

Tanu Weds Manu was well received by the audience as well as the industry but I am not a traditional writer. I mean, I can work only on my own ideas; I can’t work on someone else’s ideas. Basically, I write for myself; I don’t even write for Anand. If he ends up liking a script I write, that’s another story.

On Aanand L Rai

Aanand is very sorted and knows exactly what he wants. But believe it or not, we both connected over food because we love eating. He is strong-willed but he has a way with people and doesn’t force you to do something you don’t want to do.

On Raanjhanaa

Post Tanu Weds Manu, I wanted to write something very emotional and didn’t want to work on a light-hearted rom-com. I believe that what one writes should connect with the mental and emotional state you’re in at the time. For Raanjhanaa, I had this story in mind and I set it in the back drop of Banaras. Once again, Aanand liked the script and we started working on the film.

If you meet Banarasi guys, they are the prototype of Lord Shiva, very humorous, very witty. At the same time, if they have their backs against the wall, they can be very destructive too. The central character of this film is a Banarasi guy. It’s a small-town story but very real. The hero is in a strange kind of a space.

Future Projects

After Raanjhanaa, we will start work on Tanu Weds Manu 2

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