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18th Annual San Luis Obispo International Film Festival

March 7 – 11, 2012

What’s It All About?

The 18th Annual San Luis Obispo International Film Festival (SLOIFF) will cater to quality filmmaking and has some red carpet events to look forward to. SLOIFF looks into the sophistication of golden-age cinema, without the Hollywood hype. It holds special screenings of popular classics, offers an opportunity for independent filmmaking and youth filmmaker programmes.
Obispo County will host visiting filmmakers, celebrities and movie buffs for five days of film screenings, special events and filmmaking panels.
Watch Out For!

Opening Film: The Shot Felt ‘Round the World

The film is about the development of the polio vaccine. Dr Jonas Salk, an unknown 33-year-old scientist leads his brilliant team to develop a vaccine that would conquer a dreaded disease threatening the lives of millions.
Special Presentation: Buck

This film is about Buck Brannaman, an ordinary man who makes an extraordinary life despite tremendous odds arising out of an abusive childhood. He possesses near magical abilities as he dramatically transforms horses and people with his understanding, compassion and respect.
Pre-Fest Event: 50th Anniversary:

The Music Man

To Kill a Mockingbird

Other Screenings:

South Pacific

Bon: Mustang To Menri

Divorce Honeymoon


This is a trilogy of great sports films that will appeal to a multitude of passions, athletes and sports voyeurs.


FinnSurf is the world’s first Finnish surf film. It’s the story of true love and that intense, overwhelming passion we feel for what lights our fire in the coldest of places.

3 Minute Gaps

Filmed in over 15 countries, the crew follows the world’s best mountain bike riders for two years, documenting them as they train, prepare, ride, eat, travel, race and celebrate while chasing their ambition to be the fastest.

The Art of Flight

This film documents the flight of pro snowboarders. It features mind-blowing sound and visuals, and credit goes to the stunning helicopter drops on to virgin snow peaks in Alaska, Patagonia, Chile, Alberta and Canada. This documentary gives an adrenaline rush with amazing time-lapse shots of the beauty of mountain landscapes and high-definition, multi-camera views of gravity-defying jumps.

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