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2.0 Music Review: This AR Rahman album lacks repeat value

Shankar’s sci-fi social thriller 2.0 promises to be the biggest visual spectacle of the year. The magnum opus, starring superstars Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar, has its music composed by music maestro A R Rahman. The album has two techno tracks and a serene ballad. But what is it really like?

Armaan Malik and Shashaa Tirupati lend their voices to the upbeat number, Mechanical sundariye. Tirupati’s mellifluous voice, which punctuates the heavy musical arrangement, makes this a very novel track. She perfectly complements Malik’s energetic vocals. Abbas Tyrewala’s Hinglish words talk about the love between a male and a female robot. Halfway through the song, the techno music picks up and makes it the highlight of the album. The song, with melodious portions and zingy beats, is quite catchy.

Rakshassi is high on electronic music. It is sounds like a war cry or an anthem to iterate the triumph of good over evil. The track, full of energy, boasts a difficult orchestration and sounds like its own dub step version in parts. It sees the coming together of Kher, Nakash Aziz and Blaze in the most seamless fashion. Kailash Kher’s raspy, power-packed vocals, Aziz’s softer tones and Blaze’s rap portions are in perfect synchronisation and strike a perfect balance. The song is full of onomatopoeia to restate its tone. What works against this track are its lyrics, which get a little too bizarre. Case in point: Maaro ek ande se nikla bura sapna hai, bas ek us ande ko bhurji bana ke khayenge… Really?

The idea around which Nanhi si jaan is woven is extremely novel. The track is all about birds. The lilting musical arrangements are a delight to the ear. The sublime vocals of Suzanne D’Mello in the backdrop up the emotional quotient. What makes this song stand out is that something like this has not been attempted before. Kher returns to lend his voice to this track that comes under the spotlight. The track starts and is interspersed with sounds of different birds. The soft music that accompanies the vocals constitutes strings and piano. When A R Ameen takes over towards the end, it does not quite help the track.

Verdict: The album is signature A R Rahman music. It is a decent one-time indulgence but does not have repeat value.  

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