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29th Torino Film Festival

Nov 23-Dec 3, 2011

What’s It All About

The Torino Film Festival (also called the Turin Film Festival, TFF) is an international film festival held annually in Turin, Italy. Hosted in November, it is the second-largest film festival in Italy, following the Venice Film Festival. Gianni Rondolino founded the Festival Internazionale Cinema Giovani or the Festival of Young Cinema in 1982 in Turin, a city that was in economic decline. The festival, which attracted big names in Italian and international cinema, helped to re-energise the city both economically and culturally. In 1998, the festival’s name changed to the Torino Film Festival.

Watch Out For

Opening NightMoney Ball will inaugurate the festival and will be screened on November 25 at the Teatro Regio.

This is the second film directed by Bennett Miller, who debuted with Truman Capote (2005), for which he received an Oscar nomination. Based on the homonymous book by Michael M Lewis, Money Ball is the true story of Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland Athletics, who forged a successful baseball team on a shoestring budget and was imitated by all the other teams. The cast features Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill and Philip Seymour Hoffman. The film will release in Italy in January 2012.

Robert Altman: The Book

Il Castoro and the TFF have published an important monograph dedicated to Robert Altman, the maestro of indie films. This year, the Torino Film Festival dedicates a tribute to Altman, with a complete retrospective of his films.

Sons And Lovers: The Guests

Not just directors, but actors as well are the stars of the Sons And Lovers section of the 29th TFF. Five protagonists choose the movie from the past that sparked their passion for film and has inspired their work. They also share the reasons for their choice with the audience at the end of the projection.

This year’s guests are Antonio Albanese, Ascanio Celestini, Michele Placido, Kim Rossi Stuart and Sergio Rubini.

Retrospettiva Robert Altman:The Guests

The guests who will be in Torino for the 29th TFF retrospective dedicated to Robert Altman are: Altman’s wife Kathryn Altman, son, Stephen Altman (set designer), actors Keith Carradine and Michael Murphy, and Matthew Seig (who worked with Altman during the ‘80s) have confirmed their participation.

Robert Altman: America America

The National Cinema Museum presents a photographic exhibition Robert Altman. America America from October 12, 2011 to January 29, 2012, curated by Emanuela Martini, which with over 100 large-format prints presents the recurring issues in Altman’s films: America and its legends, the disappointment and decadence of all aspects of American life and culture imprinted over a 40-year career.

The exhibition will coincide with the complete retrospective, which the TFF is devoting to Altman this year. The festival will present the feature films directed by Altman for cinema and television, over 40 of them, a selection of industrial documentaries made by Altman in the 1950s and television series made by the director during his 50-year career.

The exhibition and the retrospective will be complete with the publication of the book entitled Robert Altman, also by Emanuela Martini, published by the Torino Film Festival / Edizioni il Castoro.

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