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2nd Malatya International Film Festival

November 18 – 24, 2011

The second edition of the Malatya International Film Festival will be held in Malatya near the Eastern Anatolian region of Turkey. Some of the finest films of Turkey and world cinema will be screened during the week-long festival.

The festival is funded by the Malatya Apricot Research, Development and Promotion Foundation and is organised by the World Mass Media Research Foundation based in Ankara. It was established in 1988 and is regarded as the most significant film event in Ankara.

An international feature film competition will be held during the festival, which aims to encourage filmmakers making films on humour and sub-genres like black humour. A national feature film competition will be held for the first time even as the national short film competition will also continue to be held.

With the participation of international and national guests, the festival will host an international competition, thematic sections, premieres, special screenings and cinema courses.

Watch Out For!

The main theme of the festival is ‘Migration’. The festival will mark the 50th year of the Turkish workers’ migration to Germany. There will be thematic film screenings and events taking place during the festival.

International films that will compete are:

• Visul Lui Adalbert (Adalbert’s Dream):      Gabriel Achim, Romania

• Les Femmes DU 6’Ieme Etage (The Women On The Sixth Floor): Philippe LeGuay, France

• A Jamaa (The Mosque): Daoud Aoulad-Syad, Morocco-France

• Moi, Michel G Milliardaire Maitre Du Monde (Michel G. King Of The World): Stéphane Kazandjian, France, Belgium

• El Dedo (): Sergio Teubal, Argentina

• Di 36 Ge Gu Shi (Taipei Exchanges): Ya-chuan Hsiao Taiwan

• Terri: Azazel Jacobs, US

National Film Competition

• September Eylül by Cemil Aǧacıkoǧlu (World Premiere at 35th Montreal World Film Festival)

• Future Lasts Forever by Gelecek Uzun Sürer by Özcan Alper (Contemporary World Cinema, TIFF 2011)

• White As Snow by Kar Beyaz by Selim Güneş  (Festivals and Awards)

• Little Sins by Küçük Günahlar by Rıza Kıraç

• Snake Mar by Caner Erzincan

• Hidden Lives by Saklı Hayatlar by Haluk Ünal

• Do Not Forget Me Istanbul (Unutma Beni Ístanbul)– collective work of Eric Nazarian (Armenia, US), Stefan Arsenijevic (Serbia) – Mirko, Omar Shargawi (Palestine – Denmark), Stergios Niziris (Greece); Half Moon Strangers – Aida Begic (Bosnia-Herzogovina), Hany Abu-Assad (Palestine) and Josefina Markarian (Greece). Artistic director Hüseyin Karabey

• Zenne Dancer Zenne by M Caner Alper and  Mehmet BinayThe jury will evaluate the competing films in six categories including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Script and Best Music.The winner will receive the Crystal Apricot Award for Best National Feature Film.

A Week Of Art

The festival will also be screening a special selection of movies, which includes Hometown On The Other Side, Panorama and Wim Wenders. There will be filmmaking and editing workshops, exhibitions and panels.

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