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3 Nights 4 Days

What’s It About
The movie is about five friends (Rahul, Priya, Amay, Antara and Zoha) who come together in Goa for three nights and four days to attend the wedding of their college friend’ Rocky (Samir Aftab), with his girlfriend, Marianne.

Creative Touch
The movie loses track right from the beginning. Basically it is about a group of friends meeting after a very long time (at the wedding of one of them). But it starts dealing with importance of 
relationships in between and topics of drugs and gay spring up from nowhere and then again movie ends on the note that friendship is very important and so are friends. The songs do not seem a part of the film.

Star Value
Anuj Sawhney‘s every shot just showcases his physique rather than his acting skills. Hrishita Bhatt tries to look cool but fails. Samir Aftab (after Shadow) gives another bad performance. The others don’t merit a mention.

Technical Expertise
The screenplay is very loose. There is no plot or build up of any situations. There are many loopholes. The track of Zoha, the fashion designer, being a lesbian was not required. The background music is poor. The dialogues are tacky. The cinematography is functional. The scenes are stretched very long.

Director’s Cut
The director seems confused throughout the movie and so he goes off track a number of times.

Box Office
3 Nights 4 Days is poor.

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