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3 Reasons to watch Abhisaarike

Directed by Madhusudan A S, Abhisaarike stars Sonal Monteiro, Yash Shetty and Tej along with Rachana, Shalini and Ashok. Produced by Shivakumar K, Madhusudan A S and Prashanth Kodgedar under the Bhagyalakshmi Productions banner, the film has music by Karan B Krupa.

1. A love story with a psychopath, the premise sounds interesting. Madhusudan, who has assisted on critically acclaimed films like Ganapa and Kariya 2, makes his directorial debut with this film.

2. The film promises high-level CGI work, which should make it a visual treat. The horror genre usually finds takers at the box office and with special effects, the film is expected to be a visual treat.

3. Sonal Monteiro has impressed with her acting in not just Kannada but Tulu films as well. From playing sweet and romantic roles, how she performs in a horror film will be something to watch out for.

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