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3 Reasons To Watch: Ranam – Detroit Crossing (Malayalam)

Written and directed by Nirmal Sahadev, this Malayalam movie stars Prithviraj and Rahman in lead roles. It is produced by Anand Payannur and Lawson Biju under the Yes Cinema Production and Lawson Entertainment banners.


  1. This is the directorial debut of Nirmal Sahadev. He co-wrote the recently released Nivin Pauly-starrer Hey Jude. Given the nuances seen in his previous film, Ranam’s story should be a gripping one too.


  1. Shot mostly in Detroit, this is probably one of the few Malayalam movies shot entirely abroad. It will be interesting to see how the locations contribute to the narrative of the movie.


  1. If the sneak peek video is any indication, then the movie defintiely promises to be dark. The brooding look on Prithiviraj’s face, his intense yet subtle expressions, all have the making of an engaging action thriller.


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