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3rd Annual Cheyenne International Film Festival

May 17-20, 2012

Cheyenne, US


Founded in 2009, the Cheyenne International Film Festival (CIFF) offers the audience an opportunity to see films from around the world and network with and learn from people associated with filmmaking. The festival continues to stay with its past tradition of featuring films made by women as well as films on men’s views on relationships. This year’s programme focuses on diverse issues.


Lifetime Achievement: Tribute to Caroll Baker

CIFF will be presenting the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award to Oscar-nominated actress Carroll Baker, who began her career in 1953. She is best known in Wyoming for her role as Deborah Wright in John Ford’s 1964 epic western, Cheyenne Autumn.


Cheyenne Autumn

The film will be screened on May 19 and it narrates the story of the defiant migration of 300 members of the Cheyenne tribe from their reservation in Oklahoma to their original home in Wyoming. Set in 1887, it is directed by John Ford and produced by him and Bernard Smith.


The controversial film follows the stories of bullied students and was originally rated R (mostly because of language) but upon appeal and a strong grassroots effort, the documentary is now rated PG (with the offensive language bleeped).

Long Stories Short – Relationships and the Voices of Women

The films in this category include local and regional filmmakers and the first film directed by Bryson Dallas Howard titled When You Find Me. The film is a collaboration with her father, director Ron Howard (Apollo 13, Cocoon, A Beautiful Mind).

Other films showcased in this category are:

• Static

• Ashley Waits

• The Rose Garden

• West Side Girl

Saving Face

Saturday night concludes with a reception hosted by the Plains Hotel honouring Cheyenne native, Daniel Junge, whose film Saving Face won the 2011 Oscar for the Best Short Documentary. His newest short film One Day will also be screened on this day.

Age Of Champions

Sunday’s programme opens with a film about the Senior Olympic Games called Age Of Champions, which brings attention to the issue of ageism.

Cafeteria Man

Cafeteria Man is sponsored by the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center and is about youth obesity and what the community can do to help kids eat healthier.

Long Stories Short: Relationships and Voices of Men

This segment includes films by men and their views on personal relationships.

Films to be screened here are:

• Served

• Korriro

• Quirk Of Fate

• The Girl And The Graduate

• Uh La La

• The Back Tenant

Wyoming Showcase

The festival closes with the Wyoming Showcase. Films screened under this section are:

• The Bear Switch Project

• Wyoming Triumph

CIFF will conduct the Wyoming Student Film Festival – Best Film to Be Announced (2012), which has a total runtime of 10 minutes. The winner’s film will be screened as part of the CIFF Wyoming Showcase.




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