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On the 81st birthday anniversary of legendary star Sanjeev Kumar, we recall his highest grossing films and reckon their value in 2019

Over the years, Hindi cinema has gifted us many legendary actors whose works are remembered even today. One such legend is Sanjeev Kumar who is fondly remembered even today for his content-rich films and melodious songs. Had he been alive, he would have turned 81 today. The actor gave us more than 140 films in his 25-year-long journey in the industry. On this special day, we recall some of his major hits at the box office, those which he is most remembered for. 

The '70s era as well as early '80s was the most successful period for this legend. In the year 1972, he gave a major hit of the year Seeta Aur Geeta; the film earned Rs 3.25 crore at the box office and became the highest grosser of the year. Kumar was seen alongside Dharmendra and Hema Malini in the lead. In the year 1975, he was an integral part of, again, the highest grosser of the year Sholay, one of the most unforgettable films of Hindi cinema. Even today we remember Kumar as Thakur Baldev Singh in the film mouthing smash hit lines like ‘Saanp ko haath se nahi pairon se kuchla jaata hai Gabbar’ and ‘Yeh haath nahi ... phansi ka phanda hai’. Sholay did a business of a whopping Rs 15 crore at the box office. 

Later, he also did films like Trishul, the second highest grosser of 1978 with Rs 5.50 crore, Jaani Dushman which was the fourth highest grosser of 1979 with Rs 4.50 crore and 1982's Vidhaata, which was again the top grosser of the year with Rs 8 crore. These are some of the highest grossing films of Kumar. To know the value of these films in today's era, we have calculated the film's worth in terms of the price of gold during the time the films were released. The below given table will show you which of his film have the highest value today.


Year Top Films Collections Gold Price Collections as per Gold Rate
1972 Seeta Aur Geeta 3,25,00,000 Rs 202 5,38,18,06,931
1975 Sholay 15,00,00,000 Rs 540 9,29,16,66,667
1978 Trishul 5,50,00,000 Rs 685 2,68,57,66,423
1979 Jani Dushman 4,50,00,000 Rs 937 1,60,64,56,777
1982 Vidhata 8,00,00,000 Rs 1,645 1,62,67,47,720


As per the table above, the highest grosser of the legendary star, Sholay, is worth more than Rs 900 crore in terms of the value of gold today. In the year 1972, the cost of 10 grams of gold was just Rs 202; today gold of the same weight costs Rs 35,000. As per our calculation, the worth of the total business of Sholay in today’s date would be Rs 929.17 crore! Similarly, in terms of the top grossers, the film that follows Sholay is Seeta Aur Geeta whose value is Rs 538.18 crore today with gold price Rs 540 in the year 1972. Next comes Trishul whose value today is 268.57 crore with gold rating to Rs 685 in the year 1978. Then comes 1982's Vidhaata when gold rates were Rs 1645 making the film's value worth Rs 162.67 crore and 1979's Jani Dushman when gold rates were Rs 937 making the film's value worth Rs 160.64 crore.

Another hit of Kumar was his 1978's release Pati Patni Aur Woh which grossed Rs 1.75 crore in its lifetime. The film's value today is Rs 85.45 crore as the gold price in that year was Rs 685 for 10 grams. The film has been remade by director Mudassar Aziz with Kartik Aaryan, Bhumi Pednekar and Ananya Pandey in the lead. It is scheduled to release December 6, 2019. 


- Bhavi Gathani

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