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Aamir's On Board Again

Much has been said and written about Aamir Khan’s decision to resign from a committee formed to suggest amendments to the Copyright Act. The matter took a dramatic turn once again on Friday (yesterday), when Khan decided to take back his resignation.

Aamir even made it a point to convey to one and all through the media what he wrote to Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal via text message.

This is what Khan had messaged media: I have given a lot of thought to your request to take back my resignation and be part of the committee. I have also read the letter that the other committee members have written to you reiterating their faith in me. It was forwarded to me by them. I am also aware that the Amendment to the Copyright Act is an extremely important process, indeed historic. In light of the above I take back my resignation. I will endeavour to contribute to this process to the best of my abilities.

On our part, we must admit that it was a good decision on Khan’s part and we are glad that good sense prevailed. We need someone as intelligent and serious as him for this serious issue.

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